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Acknowledgments 00
Preface 00
Part One: A Theology of Heaven
Introduction: The Subject of Heaven 00
Section 1: Realizing our Destiny
Chapter 1	Are You Looking Forward to Heaven? 00
Chapter 2	Is Heaven Beyond Our Imiagination? 00
Chapter 3	Is Heaven Our Default Destination . . . Or Is Hell? 00
Chapter 4	Can You Know You're Going to Heaven? 00
Section 2: Understanding the Intermediate Heaven
Chapter 5	What is the Nature of the Intermediate Heaven? 00
Chapter 6	Is the Intermediate Heaven a Physical Place? 000
Chapter 7	What is Life Like in the Intermediate Heaven? 000
Section 3: Grasping Redemption's Far Reach
Chapter 8	This World is Not Our Home . . . Or Is It? 000
Chapter 9	Why is Earth's Redemption Essential to God's Plan? 000
Chapter 10	What Will It Mean for the Curse to Be Lifted? 000
Section 4: Anticipating Resurrection
Chapter 11	Why Is Resurrection So Important? 000
Chapter 12	Why Does All Creation Await Our Resurrection? 000
Chapter 13	What Will Our Resurrection Be Like? 000
Section 5: Seeing the Earth Restored
Chapter 14	Where and When Will Our Deliverance Come? 000
Chapter 15	Will the Old Earth Be Destroyed . . . Or Renewed? 000
Chapter 16	Will the New Earth Be Familiar . . . Like Home? 000
Section 6: Celebrating Our Relationship with God
Chapter 17	What Will It Mean to See God? 000
Chapter 18	What Will It Mean for God to Dwell Among Us? 000
Chapter 19	How Will We Worship God? 000
Section 7: Ruling on the New Earth
Chapter 20	What Does God's Eternal Kingdom Involve? 000
Chapter 21	Will We Actually Rule With Christ? 000
Chapter 22	How Will We Rule God's Kingdom? 000
Part Two: Questions and Answers About Heaven
Section 8: What Will the Resurrected Earth Be Like?
Chapter 23	Will the New Earth Be an Edenic Paradise? 000
Chapter 24	Will There Be Animals on the New Earth? 000
Chapter 25	Will Animals, including Pets, Live Again? 000
Chapter 26	What Is the New Jerusalem? 000
Chapter 27	What Will the Great City Be Like? 000
Chapter 28	Will There Be Space and Time? 000
Chapter 29	Will the New Earth Have Sun, Moon, and Seas? 000
Section 9: What Will Our Lives Be Like?
Chapter 30	Will We Be Ourselves? 000
Chapter 31	What Will Our Bodies Be Like? 000
Chapter 32	Will We Eat and Drink on the New Earth? 000
Chapter 33	Will We Be Capable of Sinning? 000
Chapter 34	What Will We Know and Learn? 000
Chapter 35	What Will Our Daily Lives Be Like? 000
Section 10: What Will Our Relationships Be Like?
Chapter 36	Will We Desire Relationships with Anyone But God? 000
Chapter 37	Will there be Marriage, Families, and Friendships? 000
Chapter 38	Who Will We Meet and What Will We Experience Together? 000
Chapter 39	How Will We Relate to Each Other? 000
Chapter 40	What Will New Earth Society Be Like? 000
Section 11: What Will We Do in Heaven?
Chapter 41	Will Heaven Ever Be Boring? 000
Chapter 42	Will There Be Arts, Entertainment, Laughter, Sports, and Play? 000
Chapter 43	Will Our Dreams Be Fulfilled and Missed Opportunities Regained? 000
Chapter 44	Will We Design Crafts, Technology, and New Modes of Travel? 000
Part Three: Living in Light of Heaven
Chapter 45	Reorienting Ourselves to Heaven as Our Home 000
Chapter 46	Anticipating the Great Adventure 000
Appendix A Christoplatonism's False Assumptions
Appendix B	 Literal and Figurative Interpretation
Notes 000
Scripture Index 000
Subject Index 000
About the Author 000

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