Table of contents for The original dog bible : the definitive new source to all things dog / Kristin Mehus-Roe (ed.).

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The Dog Bible
Section I: Dogs, Domestication, and Development
CH Genetics and Development
A Domestication of the Dog
A Dog Looks
A Genetic Disease
CH Dogs in Religion and Folklore
A Major Religions
A Ancient Religions and Cultural Folklore
CH Dogs in Popular Culture
A Dogs in Literature
A Dogs in Art
A Dogs in the Media
A Dogs in the Movies and Television
A Dogs on the Web
CH Dog Rescue/Welfare
A Humane Societies and Nonprofit Shelters
A Breed Rescues
A Multibreed Rescues
A No-Kill Shelters
A Spay/Neuter
A Shelters Today: A Middle Ground
CH Dogs and the Law
A Breed Bans
A Quantity Restrictions
A Noise Ordinances
A Leash Laws
A Livestock and Dogs
A Animal Cruelty Laws
A Bite Laws
A Poop Scoop Laws
A American Disabilities Act
A Laws for Working Dogs
A Licensing and Spay/Neuter Laws
A The Animal Welfare Act
A Antifreeze Laws
A Chaining and Tethering
A Electric Fences
A Laws for Airlines
A Pet Theft
Section II: A New Dog
CH The Dog for You
A The Right Dog
A Matching Your Lifestyle
CH Finding Your Dog
A Breeder
A Rescue
A Shelters
A Choosing a Healthy Dog
CH Bringing Your Dog Home
A Pet Proof
A New Dog Neccessities
A Before Fido Comes Home
A Bringing Doggy Home
Section III: Life With A Dog
CH Pet Care Partners
A Day Care
A Boarding Kennels
A In-Home Pet Sitters
A Dog Walkers
B Questions to Ask Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers
CH Emergencies
A Dog Emergencies
A Disasters
A If Youíre Not Home
CH Lost Dog
A Prevention
A Identification
A Your Pet Is Gone
CH Biting
A When Your Dog Bites
A Strange Dogs Who Bite
A Preventing Kid Bites
A What to Do if Youíre Bitten
CH Traveling with Your Dog
A Car
A Plane
A Ships
A Trains or Busses
A Lodging
A Eating Out
A Shopping
A Dog-Friendly Spots
A In-Town Transportation
A International Travel 
A Moving 
CH Dog Activities
A Agility
A Earth Dog Trials
A Sledding
A Skijoring
A Weight Pulling/Drafting
A Conformation
A Obedience
A Musical Freestyle
A Therapy
A Field Trials and Hunt Tests
A Herding
A Frisbee
A Lurecoursing
A Schutzhund
A Tracking
A Flyball
A Healthy Fun
Section IV: Breeds
CH Guardian Dogs
CH Northern Breeds
CH Terriers
CH Gun Dogs
CH Scenthounds
CH Sighthounds and Pariahs
CH Herding Dogs
CH Companion Dogs
Section V: Health
CH Establishing a Healthcare Regimen
A Choosing a Veterinarian
A Complementary Therapies/Holistic Medicine
CH Infectious Diseases and Immunization
A Vaccination
A Infectious Diseases
CH Basic Health Care
A Dental Care
A Parasites
A Medication
A Emergency/First Aid
CH A Lifetime of Good Health
A Sex and Reproduction 
A Geriatrics
CH The Dog Body and Healthcare
A Skin/Coat
A Eyes and Vision
A Cardiovascular System
A Respiratory System
A Nose/Mouth/Throat
A Digestive System
A Musculoskeletal System
A Nervous System
A Immune System
A Canine Genetics and Heredity 
CH Chronic Diseases and Disorders
A Diabetes Mellitus
A Epilepsy
A Hypothyroidism
A Cancer
A Pain
CH Diagnostic Tests and Techniques
A Laboratory Tests 
A Technology in Diagnostics 
Part VI: Care
CH Grooming
A History of Dog Grooming
A Every Dog Needs Grooming 
A Breeds and Grooming 
A Home Grooming Fundamentals 
A Professional Pet Grooming
CH The Complete Guide to Feeding Your Dog
A Basic Food
A The Price of Poor Nutrition
A People Food: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
A The Building Blocks of Canine Nutrition
A Commercial Dog Food
A Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbal Supplements
A Dog Food and Holistic Health
Section VII: Training and Behavior
CH Canine Communication
A Social Hierarchy
A Canine Communication
CH Training Your Dog
A Puppy Timeline
A Training Equipment
A Training Methods 
A Formal Training
A Training at Home
A Puppy Training 
A Socialization
A Beyond Puppy Training
CH Behavior
A Resource Guarding
A Chasing
A Impolite and Unsafe Behaviors
A Behavior Related to Elimination 
A Destructive Behaviors
A Anxious Behavior
A Health-Related Behavior
A Zoomies
Part VIII: Dogs and Jobs
CH Dog Careers
A Caring for Dogs
A Protection and Advocacy
A Training and Handling
A Other Careers for Dog Lovers
A Starting Your Own Business
A Is It Right for You?
CH Dogs that Work
A Assistance
A Police Dogs
A Herding
A Livestock Guardians
A Military
A Therapy
A Detection Dogs
A Search and Rescue
A Entertainment

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