Table of contents for The everything poker strategy book / John Wenzel.

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Chapter 1: The Stone-Cold Basics
There Is No Magic Formula
Every Hand Is a Lesson
The Cards
There Is Always Another Hand
Rank of Hands
The Game
Antes and Blinds
The Art of the Deal
The Betting
Chapter 2: The Rules of the Games
Table Stakes
Texas HoldÆem
Seven-Card Stud
Five-Card Stud
Draw Poker
Omaha High
Omaha Eight or Better
Some Other Great Games
Chapter 3: Skill, Not Luck
You Have the Right to Choose
How You Make Money at Poker
A Home Game with Your Homies
Getting Along
The Typical Home Game
Winning in a Home Game
Common Mistakes
Chapter 4: Odds and Probability in Poker
Get the Odds on Your Side
Figuring Potential, Knowing Your Outs
Pot Odds to the Rescue
Using Pot Odds Before the River
Other Applications for Pot Odds
The Seductive World of ôImplied Oddsö
Chapter 5: On to the Casino!
Your First Casino Game
Poker Table Protocol
Be Wary When æMuckingÆ Your Hand
Beating the Rake
Decisions, Decisions! HoldÆem, Stud, or Omaha
Are You Really Ready to Play?
Chapter 6: Show Me the Money!
Buying In: How Much Is Enough?
Playing the Rush, Cutting Your Losses
Take Your Money and Run
The Stakes Should Help You, Hurt Others
Games Change Over Time
Chapter 7: Casino Poker(YouÆre on the ProsÆ Turf
Switching Gears from Your Home Game
Reading Players: Home vs. Casino
Other Differences: Home vs. Casino
Choose Your Tablemates Wisely
Playing in a Loose Games
Recognizing a Tight Game
Chapter 8: Betting: The Language of Poker
The Safety Zone
Making a Statement
Bet Like You Mean It
When Not to Bet
Either Raise or Fold, but Rarely Call
Hammer Your Foes with Raises
Chapter 9: The Weapons of Position and Isolation
What Is Position?
Why Position Is Crucial
Stealing Blinds, Stealing Pots
The Concept of Isolation
Who to Target for Isolation
Setting a Trap
Chapter 10: Bluffing: PokerÆs Treacherous Heart
What Is Bluffing?
The Benefits of the Bluff
Aggressive Play
When to Bluff
The ôSemi-Bluffö Is a Moneymaker
Who to Bluff
Your Risk 
Chapter 11: Control Who You Are, Control the Game
What Is Table Image?
The Timid Type
The Bully Type
The Thinker
Tourists and Top Players
Chapter 12: Tells: The Subtle Roadmap to Riches
What Are Tells?
Tells Reveal Deception
Unconscious Tells
Some Reliable Tells
Words Will Sometimes Hurt You
Is Your Opponent Bluffing?
Chapter 13: Tell(s) Me More!
A Bluffing-Tell Quandary
Clues to Playing Style
Study the Players to Dig Up Deceit
Your OpponentsÆ Unguarded Moments
Handling the Cards: Information Overload
False Tells
Chapter 14: Your Opponents: ItÆs a Jungle Out There!
The Four Classic Styles of Play
The Game Itself Has a Personality
Strategy Against the Four Types
What Does It Mean When They Bet?
A Cast of Characters
Is the Perfect Poker Player Female?
Chapter 15: Texas HoldÆem: The ProsÆ Game
Why HoldÆem Is Hot
The Effect of Shared Cards
The Power: High Cards and Kickers
Starting Hands: Choose Wisely!
Different Starting Hand Philosophies
Playing High Pocket Pairs
Playing Medium and Low Pairs
The Power Hands
Suited Connectors(and More
Playing the Blinds
Chapter 16: HoldÆem: The Flop, the Turn, and the River 
Was It Good for You?
So Many Flops, So Little Time
Strategy and Tactics on the Flop
Getting a Free Card
Playing on the Turn
Playing on the River 
Chapter 17: Seven-Card Stud: A Hand of OneÆs Own
Stud and HoldÆem: Like Night and Day
The Board-Card Bonanza
Starting Hands: The Crucial Decision
Some Significant Stud Odds
The Importance of ôLiveö Cards
Seven-Stud Strategy and Shortcuts
Be a Stud at Seven-Card Stud
Chapter 18: Online Poker: The GenieÆs Out of the Bottle
The Double-Edged Sword of Internet Poker
Online Strategy Changes
Gambling With Invisible Cards
Four Methods of Online Cheating
Cheating by Sites?
DonÆt Bet the Farm
Chapter 19: Tournament Poker: Your Dream Come True?
All or Nothing
ItÆs About Survival
Rebuys and Add-ons
Chip Position and Stack Size
Tournaments Change Speeds
The Four Stages of a Tournament
What if You Are Outclassed?
Getting It Heads-up All-in
Tournament Tips
Chapter 20: PokerÆs Future, Your Future
Farewell to the Smoke-Filled Rooms?
Your Lifelong Poker Game
If You Are Losing(a Lot
When ItÆs Time to Move Up
Have Fun Around the Green Felt
Love the Game
Appendix A: Talk the Talk: Glossary of Poker Terms
Appendix B: Book ÆEm! Further Reading

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