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Table of Contents
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Four Roads to Damascus
The Setting
Legends of a Birth
For Want of a Spade
Chapter 1 - The Emergence of Damascus - 9000 - 1100 BC
The First Villages
Ta-ms-qu in Upu
The Mother of All Battles
A Wider Catastrophe
Chapter 2 - Dimashqu - Damascus from the Aramaeans to the Persians - 1000 - 532 BC
After the Turmoil
An Aramaean Empire (Eleventh Century-733 BC)
The City of the God
Damascus in Aramaean Times
The Temple
Resurgent Assyria
An Altar for Jerusalem
Chapter 3 - A Greater Game - Assyrians, Persians, Greeks - 732 - 300 BC
Assyrian Rule (732-572 BC)
Neo-Babylonian Rule (572-532 BC)
Achaemenid Persian Rule (532-325 BC)
Damascus during the Twilight of the Ancient Near East
After Issus (333-331 BC)
A Hellenic Millennium
Chapter 4 - The Sowing of Hellenism - Ptolemies and Seleucids - 300 - 64 BC
Ptolemaic Rule - Third Century BC
Damascus between Rival Dynasties
Seleucid Rule - Second Century BC
The Persistance of the Plan
A Greek City
Temple of Zeus
A Hellenistic Civilisation?
Chapter 5 - Pax Romana - 64 BC - AD 30
Rome Intervenes
Pompey's Settlement
The East Mediterranean Theatre
Damascus and the Struggle for Empire
Stabilising the Damascus Region
Urge to Monumentalise
Civic Works
Chapter 6 - Metropolis Romana - AD 30 - 268
Who Were the Syrians?
The City and Temple of Jupiter
Importance of Cult Centres
First Christian Mission
An Imperial City
The Syrian Princesses
The Eastern Question
City and Country
Chapter 7 - Holding the Line - AD 269 - 610
Nature of the Persian Threat
Hard and Soft Frontiers
A Christian City
Cathedral of Saint John
Decline and Disintegration
Who Were the Arabs|?
'Do It Yourself' Defence Doctrine
Chapter 8 - 'Farewell, Oh Syria' - 611 - 750
Damascus - The First Bulwark
The Great Field Army Perishes
Arab Aims
Heraclius Retreats
Arab Administration
Chapter 9 - The Umayyads - 661 - 750
Mu`awiya and the New Order
The Umayyad Prism
The `Alite Revolt
Acquisition of the Church of Saint John
The Building of the Mosque
The Fantastic Garden
Threshold of Paradise
A Ninety Year Empire
A Glorious Failure?
Foreword to Part Two - When Did the Ancient End?
Chapter 10 - Decline, Confusion and Irrelevance - 750 - 1008
Ostracism (750-877)
Teaching Damascus a Lesson
Sullen Revolt
Turkish Inroads, Tulunids (877-905)
Fragmentation (905-964)
Fatimids (969-1071)
Seljuks (1055-1104)
Arrival of the Burids (1104)
First Madrasas
Chapter 11 - Islam Resurgent - 1098 - 1174
Bulwark Against the Crusaders?
Early Burids (Tughtakin 1104-28)
Burids versus Zengids (1128-48)
The Second Crusade (1148) - 'Fiasco'
Citadel of the Faith
Nur al-Din (1154-74)
Nur al-Din's Monuments
A New 'Golden Age'
Chapter 12 - Saladin and the Ayyubids - 1174 - 1250
Saladin's Rise
Hattin (1187)
'The Last Victory'
The Ayyubid Succession
Al-Muazzim `Isa (1218-28)
Jerusalem Betrayed
Al-Ashraf (1229-38)
Back on the Periphery (1238-50)
Courtly Society
Chapter 13 - Mamluks - 1260 - 1515
The Central Asian Threat
Baybars (1260-77)
Return of the Mongols
The Mamluk System
A New Prosperity
Mamluk Building
Tengiz's Governorship (1312- 40)
Decline (1341-82)
Burji Mamluks (1382-1516)
Seige of Tamerlane (1401)
A Venetian Window
Chapter 14 - The Ottoman Centuries - 1516 - 1840
Military Rule
The Hajj
Stability of Population
Reshaping Damascus
Municipal Services
A New Role (1706-58)
'Age of the A`yans'
Cathedrals of Commerce
Acre's Rise - and Fall
European Ambitions - Egypt Intervenes
Chapter 15 - Reform and Reaction - 1840 - 1918
Tanzimat - Reform and Reaction
1860 Massacre
A 'Little Istanbul'
Telegraph, Road and Rail
To Mecca by Train?
The Great Fire of 1893
Suq al-Hamidiye
The Damascus House
Command for Monument Protection
Arab Awakening
'To Damascus!' - the Great Ride
Whose Damascus?
Glossary of Terms and Names
Maps of City and Environs

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