Table of contents for Understanding architecture : an introduction to architecture and architectural history / Hazel Conway and Rowan Roenisch.

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1	Introduction	
2	Architecture and building	
3	Architectural history
4 Space and function 
5 Plans and images
6	Materials and construction	
7	The exterior	
8	Styles and periods	
9	Site and place
10	Sources		
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Frontispiece	Malawian miners' village, Tengenenge, Zimbabwe, 1994
Figure 2.1	Crystal Palace, London, 1851	
Figure 2.2 	Gateshead Millennium Bridge, 2001
Figure 2.3 Sydney Opera House, Australia, 1972 
Figure 2.4 Taj Mahal, Agra, India, 1632{-}47 
Figure 2.5 Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain, 1999 
Figure 2.6	National Theatre, London, 1975	
Figure 2.7	Richmond Riverside, Surrey, 1988	
Figure 2.8	Tavistock Square, London, c.1780	
Figure 2.9	S. Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, Rome, 1665{-}7	
Figure 2.10	Chicago Tribune Tower, competition entry, 1922	
Figure 2.11	Robie House, Chicago, 1908	
Figure 2.12 Jewish Museum, Berlin, 1989{-}98 
Figure 2.13	66 Frognal, London, 1938
Figure 2.14	Gasholder, Battersea, London, c.1880
Figure 3.1	Stonehenge, Wiltshire 
Figure 3.2	The Circus, Bath
Figure 3.3	An early Victorian town compared with an imaginary medieval town
Figure 3.4	Great Zimbabwe ruins	
Figure 3.5	Buttresses at Holy Trinity, Blythburgh 
Figure 3.6 	Scissor arches, Wells Cathedral
Figure 3.7	Folie at Parc de la Villette, Paris
Figure 3.8 	Fourteenth century tower of St Mary de Castro, Leicester 
Figure 3.9	Converted Victorian church of St John the Divine, Leicester 1853{-}4
Figure 3.10	Reconstruction of German Pavilion, Barcelona, 1992
Figure 4.1	St Maclou, Rouen, France, 1436{-}1531	
Figure 4.2	Sanchi Stupa, Central India, 1st century BC	
Figure 4.3	St Pancras Station train shed, London, 1863{-}5	
Figure 4.4	Willis Building, Ipswich, 1975	
Figure 4.5	Saltaire housing, c.1860
Figure 4.6	Plan of a Mashona homestead, Zimbabwe, 1991	
Figure 4.7	Paris Opéra, France, 1861{-}74 
Figure 4.8 	Muqarnas in the Hall of the Two Sisters, Alhambra, Spain,14th century 
Figure 4.9	Vierzehnheiligen Church, Franconia, 1743{-}72	
Figure 4.10	TWA Terminal, Kennedy Airport, New York, 1956{-}62 
Figure 4.11 	Ground floor plan, Bauhaus, Dessau, 1925-6 
Figure 4.12 	Interior, City Hall, London, 2002
Figure 4.13	Brise-soleil at Broadgate, London 
Figure 4.14	Champa Baoli, Mandu, India, early 16th century 
Figure 4.15	The Queens Building, De Montfort University, Leicester, 1994 
Figure 4.16	Inglenook, Walnuts Cottage, Oxfordshire, c.1550 
Figure 4.17	Lloyds Building, London, 1986 
Figure 5.1	Architectural drawing conventions	
Figure 5.2	Merchant' loggia, shops and apartments, Lyon, c. 1540
Figure 5.3	Plan of third floor of Casa Milá, 1906 
Figure 5.4	Street plan showing the relationship between dwellings and streets 
Figure 5.5 	Askham Hall, Yorkshire, 1885 
Figure 5.6 	Plan of courtyard house, Beijing
Figure 5.7	Plan of Imperial Palace, Beijing 
Figure 5.8	Ground floor plan of Syon House 
Figure 5.9	Church of Brunau, near Prague, 1708{-}15 
Figure 5.10	Second-level plan of the Paris Opéra, 1861{-}74 
Figure 5.11	Designs for the Palazzo da Porto Festa, Vicenza, c.1549	
Figure 5.12	Sydney Opera House, section, 1957{-}65
Figure 5.13	Village school and master's house, 1852	
Figure 5.14	Summer house design 'Konsoli', Finland, 1927 
Figure 5.15	Axonometric projection of Alexander Fleming House, 1960 
Figure 5.16	Perspective drawing of Alexander Fleming House, 1960 
Figure 5.17	Design model of Stoke Park Infant School, 1989	
Figure 5.18	Structural model of Stoke Park Infant School	
Figure 5.19	Stoke Park Infant School as completed	
Figure 5.20	Presentation model of Stoke Park Infant School	
Figure 5.21	Presentation model of Richmond Riverside	
Figure 5.22	Detail of Richmond Riverside	
Figure 5.23	Clay model of Minoan house from Arhánes c. 1700{-}1400 BC	
Figure 5.24	Crypt of Santa Coloma, 1898, 1908{-}14	
Figure 5.25 Hussain{-}Doshi Gupa, Ahmedabad, 1994
Figure 5.26	Model of King's Cross Redevelopment, 1992	
Figure 6.1	Eastgate Office Building and Shopping Centre, Harare, Zimbabwe, 1996 
Figure 6.2	Cottage of granite with brick dressings, Newtown Linford, Leicestershire, nineteenth century
Figure 6.3	Clamp firing, Mozambique, 2002
Figure 6.4	Samanid Mausoleum, Bukhara, Uzbekistan, before AD 943
Figure 6.5	No. 8 Palace Gate, London, 1873{-}5 (J.J.Stevenson) 
Figure 6.6	Knapped flint wall, Lewes Grammar School, Sussex, 1512 
Figure 6.7	Somerset House, London, 1776{-}1801
Figure 6.8	Schwarzenberg Palace, old city of Prague, 1545{-}67 
Figure 6.9	House and office of the mine manager, Globe and Phoenix Goldmine, Kwekwe, Zimbabwe, 1895 
Figure 6.10	Cardboard City, London, December 1990 
Figure 6.11	Schlumberger Petroleum Research Laboratories, Cambridge, 1984 Figure 6.12	Lady Chapel, Ely Cathedral, showing fan vaults, rib vaults and liernes, 1321{-}1349. 
Figure 6.13	St Basil's Cathedral, Red Square, Moscow, 1554{-}60 
Figure 6.14 	Flying buttresses, King Henry VII Chapel, Westminster Abbey, 1503{-}c.1512
Figure 6.15	Geodesic dome, Montreal, 1967 
Figure 6.16	Eden Project, Cornwall, 2001 
Figure 6.17	Hammerbeam truss, St John the Baptist, Badingham, Suffolk, 15th century
Figure 6.18	Chinese roof structure, Wutai Shan, Shanxi, Fogung Si, Tang dynasty, 857 
Figure 6.19	Baths, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire, 1862 
Figure 7.1{emsp}H.M. Prison, Welford Road, Leicester, 1825{-}8 
Figure 7.2{emsp}Bradford Town Hall, 1870{-}3 
Figure 7.3{emsp}Selfridges Store, Birmingham, 2003 
Figure 7.4{emsp}Gwalior Fort, Central India, 800{-}c. late 1400 
Figure 7.5{emsp}Chiswick House, London, 1723{-}9 
Figure 7.6{emsp}Dr Edith Farnsworth House, Piano, Illinois, USA, 1946{-}50 
Figure 7.7{emsp}Barningham Hall, Norfolk, 1612, west façade 
Figure 7.8{emsp}Embankment Place, London, 1991 
Figure 7.9{emsp}West Front, Amiens Cathedral, Amiens, France, begun c. 1220 
Figure 7.10{emsp}Vishvanath Temple, Khajuraho, India, 1002 
Figure 7.11{emsp}Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey, 1610{-}16 
Figure 7.12{emsp}Blaise Hamlet, Avon, 1810{-}11 
Figure 7.13{emsp}Dulwich College Art Gallery and Mausoleum, London, 1811{-}14 Figure 7.14{emsp}Downton Castle, Herefordshire, 1772{-}8 
Figure 7.15{emsp}885 Third Avenue (Lipstick Building), New York, 1983{-}6 Figure 7.16{emsp}Palace of Assembly, Chandigarh, India, 1956{-}62 
Figure 7.17{emsp}Red House, Bexley Heath, Kent, 1859 
Figure 7.18{emsp}Perrycroft, Colwall, near Malvern, 1893{-}4 
Figure 7.19{emsp}Santa Maria Novella, Florence, Italy, 1456{-}70 
Figure 7.20{emsp}Hut of a Venda chief, Victoria Falls Craft Village, Zimbabwe Figure 7.21{emsp}Sculptural decoration, Keshava Temple, Somnathpur, c.1268 
Figure 7.22{emsp}Hoover Factory, London, 1931{-}2 
Figure 7.23{emsp}Théâtre and Palaçio d'Abraxis, Noisy-le-Grand, France 1978{-}82 Figure 7.24{emsp}National Gallery Extension, London, 1991 
Figure 8.1{emsp}The orders: (a) Greek Doric, Ionic, Corinthian 
b) Tuscan, Roman Doric, Composite 
Figure 8.2{emsp}Temple of Concordia, Agrigento, Italy, c. 440 BC 
Figure 8.3{emsp}Villa Savoye, Poissy, France, 1928{-}9 
Figure 8.4{emsp}St Pancras parish church, London, 1819{-}22 
Figure 8.5{emsp}Monument to Newton, project, 1784 
Figure 8.6{emsp}Piazza d'Italia, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 1975{-}80 
Figure 8.7{emsp}The Library, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, 1754 
Figure 8.8{emsp}Victoria Terminus, Mumbai, India, 1878{-}87 
Figure 8.9{emsp}Victoria Memorial Hall (now National Art Gallery), Madras, India, 1909 
Figure 8.10{emsp}Buland Darwaza (Gateway of Victory), Fatehpur Sikri, Gujurat, India, 1573
Figure 8.11{emsp}Houses in Regent Road, Leicester, 1881 
Figure 8.12{emsp}Tesco supermarket at night, Amersham, Buckinghamshire 
Figure 8.13{emsp}Wheat barn, Cressing Temple, Essex, c. 1255 
Figure 8.14{emsp}Wollaton Hall, Nottinghamshire, 1580{-}1588 
Figure 8.15{emsp}Stoneywell Cottage, Leicestershire, 1899 
Figure 8.16{emsp}Entrance arch detail, Stock Exchange, Chicago, 1893{-}4 
Figure 9.1{emsp}Plan of Washington, 1800 
Figure 9.2{emsp}Falling Water, Bear Run, Pennsylvania, USA, 1936 
Figure 9.3{emsp}Monastery (now Convent) de la Tourette, 1957-60 
Figure 9.4{emspUnderground car park, Lyon, 1994 
Figure 9.5{emsp}Barcelona, plan 
Figure 9.6{emsp}Temple of British Worthies, Stowe, 1735 
Figure 9.7{emsp}Chinese bridges, Oranienbaum, Germany, c.1785 
Figure 9.8{emsp}He Yuan, Yangzhou, China, c.1880 
Figure 9.9{emsp}Moongate, Yihe Yuan, rebuilt, 1888 
Figure 9.10{emsp}Crammant Cottages, Leicester, c.1850 
Figure 9.11 {emsp}Emscher Park, Duisberg, Germany 

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