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1.	Introduction
	Who Were the Incas?
		Brief Overview of Pre-Inca Civilizations in the Andes
		The Formation, Expansion and Organisation of the Inca State
	How Did the Incas View the World?
		Deities and Culture Heroes
		A Summary of the Inca Belief System
	What Happened to the Inca Empire?
		Indigenous Interpretation of Defeat in Cosmic Terms
		Does Inca Culture Survive Today?
	Sources for the Study of Inca Myths
		Archaeology and Iconography
		Inca Communication Systems
		Landscape as a Cultural Code
		Production and Performance of Inca Myth-History
		Spanish Chroniclers
		Indigenous Chroniclers Under Spanish Rule
		Extirpation of Idolatries and Other Colonial Documents
		The Huarochiri Manuscript
2.	The Unfolding of Time: Mythic Histories of the Incas, Huarochiri and Paucartambo
	Imperial Inca Mythology
		Origin of the World
		Origins of the Incas
		Development of the Inca State
	The Myths of Huarochiri
		Earliest Age
		The Establishment of a New Social Order
		Arrival of the Incas
		Recent Times
	Andean Myth Today: An Example from Paucartambo
		Age of the Old Ones (Age of the Moon)
		Age of Human Beings (Age of the Sun)
		Flight of the Incas and Their Return
	Non-Linear Representations of Andean Time
		Discussion: Can We Distinguish Myth from History?
3.	Encyclopaedia of Mythic Narratives, Themes and Concepts
4.	Print and Nonprint Resources
	Books and Articles
	Web Sites
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