Table of contents for Words brushed by music : twenty-five years of the Johns Hopkins poetry series / edited by John T. Irwin.

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Table of Contents
Preface										00
John Bricuth
 from The Heisenberg Variations (1981)
 Song of Darkness								00
 Villanelle: "We're Dancing Now."					00
 Talking Big									00
 The Touch									00
John Burt
 from Work without Hope (1996)
 Love and Fame								00
 What Ellen Said								00
 1938									00
Thomas Carper
 from Fiddle Lane (1991)
 Turning in Bed								00
 That's a Nice Leg								00
 Talking with Charlot							00
 I Am Just the Same								00
 Roses									00
 from From Nature (1995)
 Funny Face									00
 How Mother Is								00
Philip Dacey
 from The Boy Under the Bed (1981)
 Mystery Baseball								00
 Sleeping Parents, Wakeful Children					00
 The Living Room								00
 Bedtime Song								00
Tom Disch
 from Yes, Let's (1989)
 In Defense of Forest Lawn							00
 Entropic Villanelle								00
 D.W. Richmond Gives Directions to the Architect of his Tomb		00
 from Dark Verses and Light (1991)
 The Jocelyn Shrager Poems
 i am just a plain poet							00
 something people don't realize						00
 i who have gone through the whole gamut					00
 minor poets are human too							00
 bowling has been the great spirit						00
 when i am sick of science fiction						00
Emily Grosholz
 from Eden (1992)
 On Spadina Avenue							00
 Life of a Salesman								00
 Eden									00
Vicki Hearne
 from The Parts of Light (1994)
 Riding Skills								00
 The Dog and the Word							00
 Danes and Wolfhounds							00
John Hollander
 from Blue Wine and Other Poems (1979)
 Blue Wine									00
 The Cable-Car								00
 The Patch of Garden							00
 Piano Interlude								00
 from In Time and Place (1986)
 Special Sessions								00
 From a House Party							00
Josephine Jacobsen
 from In the Crevice of Time (1995)
 Suite for all Clowns' Day							00
 The Minor Poet								00
 Birdsong of a Lesser Poet							00
 Mr. Mahoney								00
 Survivor's Ballad								00
 You Can Take It With You							00
 The Blue-Eyed Exterminator						00
X.J. Kennedy
 from Dark Horses
 Women in Rain								00
 Twelve Dead, Hundreds Homeless						00
 Veterinarian									00
 The Animals You Eat							00
 On Being Accused of Wit							00
 Ambition									00
 from The Lords of Misrule (2002)
 Jimmy Harlow								00
 Death of a First Child							00
 A Curse on a Thief								00
 Maples in January								00
Charles Martin
 from Steal the Bacon (1987)
 A Burial at Shanidar							00
 E.S.L.									00
 Making Faces								00
 What the Darkness Proposes (1996)					
 Flying Heads								00
 Stanzas after Endgame							00
Robert Pack
 from Waking to My Name (1980)
 Departing Words to a Son							00
 A Modest Boast at Meridian						00
 The Shooting								00
 Raking Leaves								00
 In the Waking								00
 A Cage in Search of a Bird							00
 A Bird in Search of a Cage							00
Robert Phillips
 from Breakdown Lane (1994)
 The Stone Crab: A Love Poem						00
 from Spinach Days (2000)
 I Remember, I Remember							00
 603 Cross River Road							00
Wyatt Prunty
 from Unarmed and Dangerous (1999)
 A Child's Christmas in Georgia, 1953					00
 from The Run of the House (1993)
 Haying									00
 The Ferris Wheel								00
 Elderly Lady Crossing on Green						00
 A Note of Thanks								00
 from Balance as Belief (1989)
 Learning the Bicycle							00
 from What Women Know, What Men Believe (1986)
 A Winter's Tale								00
Gibbons Ruark
 from Keeping Company (1983)
 Watching You Sleep Under Monet's Water Lilies				00
 With Our Wives in Late October						00
 For the Pause Before We Decorate the Tree				00
 Waiting for You With the Swallows					00
 Words to Accompany a Leaf from the Great Copper Beech 
 at Coole									00
 Listening to Fats Waller in Late Light					00
William Jay Smith
 from The World Below the Window (1998)
 Pidgin Pinch								00
 The World Below the Window						00
 Now Touch the Air Softly							00
 Morels									00
 Journey to the Interior 							00
 The Shipwreck								00
 Galileo Galilei								00
 Villanelle									00
 American Primitive								00
 The Ten									00
 Mr. Smith									00
 Still Life									00
Barry Spacks
 from Spacks Street (1982)
 Blind in His Sorrow							00
 Three Songs for My Daughter						00
 My Clothes									00
 Recommendations								00
 Glory Learnt From Roses							00
 Neilsen									00
Timothy Steele
 from The Color Wheel (1994)
 Aurora									00
 Beatitudes, While Setting out the Trash					00
 Portrait of the Artist as a Young Child					00
 Pacific Rim									00
David St. John
 from Hush (1985)
 Elegy									00
 Hush									00
Adrien Stoutenburg							
 from Land of Superior Mirages (1986)
 Mote									00
 Tree Service								00
 Message									00
 Self-Portrait									00
 Drumcliffe: Passing By							00

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