Table of contents for A critical history of early Rome : from prehistory to the first Punic War / Gary Forsythe.

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Foreword	1
1. Italy in Prehistory	000
The Land and its Linguistic Diversity	000
Modern Archaeology and Prehistory	000
Prehistoric Italy	000
The Ice Man 	000
The Bronze and Iron Ages	000
Ancient Languages and Modern Archaeology	000
2. Archaic Italy c. 800/500 b.c.	000
Phoenicians in the West 	000
Greek Colonization in the West 	000
The Formation of Etruscan Civilization	000 
Phoenicians, Greeks, and Etruscans 	000
Growth and Decline of Etruscan Civilization	000
The Alphabet	000
The Archaeology of Early Latium 	000
3. The Ancient Sources for Early Roman History 	000
The Annalistic Tradition	000
The Antiquarian Tradition	000
Livy and Dionysius of Halicarnassus	000
Cicero and Diodorus Siculus	000
Ancient Documentary Sources	000
Roman Oral Tradition and Greek Myth	000
4. Rome During the Regal Period	000
The Nature of the Evidence	000
The Site of Rome	000
The Archaeology of Early Rome	000
The Ancient Literary Tradition	000
Archaic Roman Institutions	000
Rome's Growth and Expanding Horizons	000
5. Archaic Roman Religion	000
Some Important Roman Divinities	000
The Official Religious Calendar	000
The Religious Priesthoods	000
Roman Religious Practices and Ideology	000
6. The Beginning of the Roman Republic	000
How Did The Monarchy End? 	000
The Nature and Origin of the Consulship	000
The Early Consular Fasti	000
Patricians and Plebeians	000
Senators, Patricians, and Priests	000
The Plebeian Tribunate	000
The Tribal and Other Assemblies	000
Rome and the Latins	000
Sp. Cassius, the Fabii, and the Cremera	000
Clan Warfare and the Lapis Satricanus	000
7. Rome of the Twelve Tables	000
The Trial of K. Quinctius	000
Appius Herdonius and Quinctius Cincinnatus	000
Facts and Fictions of the Plebeian Tribunate	000
The Decemviral Legislation	000
Jurisdiction in Early Roman Law	000
Litigation and Orality in Early Roman Law	000
Society and Economy	000
The Second Board of Decemvirs	000
The Prohibition of Intermarriage	000
The Second Secession and the Valerian Horatian Laws	000
8. Evolution and Growth of the Roman State 444/367 b.c. 	000
The Military Tribunes with Consular Power	000
The Sedition of Sp. Maelius	000
The War Against Fidenae	000
The War Against Veii	000
The Gallic Catastrophe and Its Aftermath	000
The Sedition of M. Manlius Capitolinus	000
The Licinian Sextian Laws	000
9. Rome's Rise to Dominance, 366/300 b.c. 	000
The Emergence of the Roman Nobility	000
Tibur, Gauls, Greeks, and Carthage	000
The Samnites and the First Samnite War	000
The Latin War and its Consequences	000
The Second Samnite War	000
The Philinus Treaty	000
Other Significant Changes in the Roman State	000
Roman Factional Politics	000
10. Rome's Conquest and Unification of Italy, 299/264 b.c. 	000
The Third Samnite War	000
Early Roman Coinage	000
Military Ethos and Aristocratic Family Tradition	000
Domestic and Foreign Affairs during the 280s b.c.	000
The Pyrrhic War	000
The Roman Organization of Italy	000
Some Final Assessments	000
Appendix: Early Roman Chronology	000
Works Cited	000
Index	000

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