Table of contents for Experimental cognitive psychology and its applications / edited by Alice F. Healy.

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Table of Contents
i. photograph of Bourne, Kintsch, and Landauer (photographed by James T. Parker)
ii. Table of Contents
iii. Alice F. Healy
iv Lyle E. Bourne, Jr.
Biographical Sketch
v. Walter Kintsch
Biographical Sketch
vi. Thomas K. Landauer
Biographical Sketch
1. Ronald T. Kellogg, Alinda Friedman, Peder Johnson, and Timothy C. Rickard
Domain-Specific Knowledge in Intellectual Skills
2. Charles A. Weaver, III, Janice M. Keenan, Walter Perrig, and Vimla Patel
Walter Kintsch: A Psychology Beyond Words
3. Lynn Streeter, Darrell Laham, Susan Dumais, and Ernst Z. Rothkopf
Cherchez Le Quadrant Pasteur ! A Symposium in Honor of Tom Landauer
4. John R. Anderson, Scott Douglass, & Yulin Qin
How Should a Theory of Learning and Cognition Inform Instruction?
5. Alice F. Healy, Erica L. Wohldmann, and Lyle E. Bourne, Jr.
The Procedural Reinstatement Principle: Studies on Training, Retention, and Transfer
6. Mark A. McDaniel and Gilles O. Einstein
Material Appropriate Difficulty: A Framework for Determining when Difficulty is Desirable for Improving Learning
7. Harry P. Bahrick 
The Long-Term Neglect of Long-Term Memory: Reasons and Remedies
8. Elizabeth F. Loftus and Daniel M. Bernstein
Rich False Memories: The Royal Road to Success
9. James S. Nairne
The Functionalist Agenda in Memory Research
10. Gordon D. Logan
Attention, Automaticity, and Executive Control
11. Robert W. Proctor and Kim-Phuong L. Vu
Roles of Task-Defined Associations and Reference Frames in Spatial Stimulus-Response Compatibility
12. Morton Ann Gernsbacher and David A. Robertson
Watching the Brain Comprehend Discourse
13. Susan R. Goldman and David. M. Bloome
Learning to Construct and Integrate
14. Arthur C. Graesser, Xiangen Hu, and Danielle S. McNamara
Computerized Learning Environments that Incorporate Research in Discourse Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Computational Linguistics
15. Raymond S. Nickerson 
On Quantifying and Characterizing Human Knowledge
16. Roger W. Schvaneveldt
Finding Meaning in Psychology
17. Robert J. Sternberg and Elena L. Grigorenko
Cultural Explorations of the Nature of Intelligence
18. Mark Steyvers, Richard M. Shiffrin, and Douglas L. Nelson
Word Association Spaces for Predicting Semantic Similarity Effects in Episodic Memory

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