Table of contents for The poetry of men's lives : an international anthology / edited by Fred Moramarco and Al Zolynas.

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Acknowledgments	00
Introduction	00
Boyhood and Youth
Anzai Hitoshi, New Blade	3
Shuja Nawaz, The Initiation	00
Taufiq Rafat, Circumcision	00
Mario Benedetti, The Magnet	00
Ciaran Berry, Uascán	00
Ussin Kerim, Mother	00
Ivan Matanov, Still I see in front of me	00
Valeri Petrov, A Cry from Childhood	00
Peter Redgrove, My Father's Trapdoors	00
Jean-Pierre Rosnay, Piazza San Marco	00
James Sacré, A Little Boy, I'm Not Sure Anymore	00
South America
Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Boy Crying in the Night	00
Central America and the Caribbean
Norberto James, I Had No Books	00
Mervyn Morris, The Pond	00
Nobuo Ayukawa, Sister, I'm Sorry	000
Yu Jian, Thank You Father	000
Jayanta Mahapatra, Shadows	000
Wang Xiaolong, In Memoriam: Dedicated to My Father	000
The Middle East
Yehuda Amichai, A Flock of Sheep near the Airport	000
Yair Hurvitz, An Autobiographical Moment	000
Shaun Levin, With Your Mother in a Café	000
Martin Crucefix, Pietà	000
Michael Donaghy, Inheritance	000
Franco Fortini, The Seed	000
Tonino Guerra, Canto Three	000
Seamus Heaney, In Memoriam M. K. H.	000
Alan Jenkins, Chopsticks	000
Lyubomir Levchev, Cronies	000
Karl Lubomirski, Mother	000
Stein Mehren, Mother, we were a heavy burden	000
Alexander Shurbanov, Attractions	000
Marin Sorescu, Balls and Hoops	000
Jan Erik Vold, Thor Heyerdahl's mother	000
Andrew Waterman, Birth Day	000
Karol Wojtyla, Sister	000
Andrea Zanzotto, From a New Height	000
Ismael Hurreh, Pardon Me	000
South America
Narlan Matos-Teixera, My Father's House	000
North America
David Bottoms, Bronchitis	000
Jim Daniels, Falling Bricks	000
Philip Levine, Clouds above the Sea	000
Walt McDonald, Crossing the Road	000
W. S. Merwin, Yesterday	000
Leonard Nathan, Circlings	000
Jonas Zdanys, The Angels of Wine	000
Oceania, Australia, and New Zealand
Dimitris Tsaloumis, A Song for My Father	000
Dimitris Tsaloumis, Old Snapshot	000
Identities: Cultural, Personal, Male
Nobuo Ayukawa, Love	000
Xue Di, Nostalgia	000
Sunil Gangopadhyay, From Athens to Cairo	000
Liu Kexiang, Choice	000
Harris Khalique, In London	000
Kim Kwang-kyu, Sketch of a fetish	000
Fei Ma, A Drunkard	000
A. K. Ramanujan, Self-Portrait	000
Suchart Sawadsri, If You Come Close to Me	000
Nguyen Quang Thieu, from "Eleven Parts of Feeling"	000
Tenzin Tsundue, My Tibetanness	000
Ko Un, Headmaster Abe	000
Liang Xiaobin, China, I've Lost My Key	000
Wolfgang Bächler, A Revolt in the Mirror	000
Alan Brownjohn, Sonnet of a Gentleman	000
Robert Crawford, Masculinity	000
Igor Irtenev, Untitled	000
Dmitry Kuzmin, Untitled	000
Michael Longley, Self-Portrait	000
Cees Nooteboom, Midday	000
Vittorio Sereni, Each Time That Almost	000
Vittorio Sereni, First Fear	000
Olafs Stumbrs, Song at a Late Hour	000
Husein Tahmiscic, You're Not a Man If You Don't Die	000
Ulku Tamer, The Dagger	000
John Powell Ward, In the Box	000
Hugo Williams, Making Friends with Ties	000
Frank Aig-Imoukhuede, One Wife for One Man	000
Dennis Brutus, I Am Alien in Africa and Everywhere	000
Jonathan Kariara, A Leopard Lives in a Muu Tree	000
Leseko Rampolekeng, Welcome to the New Consciousness	000
Léopold Sédar Senghor, Totem	000
Ahmed Tidjani-Cissé, Home News	000
South America
Juan Carlos Galeano, Eraser	000
Central America and the Caribbean	000
A. L. Hendriks, Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?	000
Evan X Hyde, Super High	000
Derek Walcott, Love after Love	000
North America
Robert Bly, The Man Who Didn't Know What Was His	000
Philip Dacey, Four Men in a Car	000
Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, Male Rage Poem	000
Douglas Goetsch, Bachelor Song	000
Yusef Komunyakaa, Homo Erectus	000
Gary Soto, Mexicans Begin Jogging	000
Oceania, Australia, and New Zealand	000
Les Murray, Folklore	000
Les Murray, Performance	000
John A. Scott, Man in Petersham	000
Luke Icarus Simon, Ravine	000
Russell Soaba, Looking thru Those Eyeholes	000
Dimitris Tsaloumis, Epilogue	000
Men and Women
Rafiq Azad, Woman: The Eternal	000
Sadhu Binning, Revenge	000
Yi Cha, Neighbors	000
Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Before You Came	000
Huan Fu, Flower	000
Hung Hung, A Hymn to Hualien	000
Nadir Hussein, A Wedding	000
Takagi Kyozo, How to Cook Women	000
Yang Mu, Let the Wind Recite	000
Shantaro Tanikawa, Kiss	000
The Middle East
Adonis, A Woman and a Man	000
Abdul Wahab al-Bayati, Secret of Fire	000
Yehuda Amichai, An Ideal Woman	000
Sa 'di Yusuf, A Woman	000
Amal Dunqul, Corner	000
Salman Masalha, Cage	000
Nizar Qabbani, The Fortune Teller	000
Radu Andriescu, The Apple	000
Roberto Carifi, Untitled	000
Jose Manuel del Pino, Doré V	000
Arnljot Eggen, He called her his willow	000
Kjell Hjern, To My Love	000
Vladimir Holan, Meeting in a Lift	000
Vladimir Holan, She Asked You	000
Tasos Leivaditis, Eternal Dialogue	000
Virgil Mihaiu, The Ultimate Luxury Woman	000
Czeslaw Milosz, After Paradise	000
Pentti Saarikoski, Untitled	000
Marin Sorescu, Don Juan (after he'd consumed tons of lipstick . . .)	000
Mustafa Ziyalan, Night Ride on 21	000
Chinua Achebe, Love Cycle	000
Kojo Laing, I am the freshly dead husband	000
Taban lo Liyong, 55	000
Taban lo Liyong, 60	000
South America
Antonio Cisneros, Dedicatory (to My Wife)	000
Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Ballad of Love through the Ages	000
Oscar Hahn, Good Night Dear	000
Oscar Hahn, Little Phantoms	000
Oscar Hahn, Candlelight Dinner	000
Sergio Kisielewsky, Cough Drops	000
Marco Martos, Casti Connubi	000
Central America and the Caribbean
Lord Kitchener, Miss Tourist	000
Roberto Fernández Retamar, A Man and a Woman	000
Jaime Sabines, I Love You at Ten in the Morning	000
North America
Leonard Cohen, Suzanne	000
Galway Kinnell, The Perch	000
Charles Simic, At the Cookout	000
Quincy Troupe, Change	000
Al Zolynas, Whistling Woman	000
Myth, Archetypes, and Spirituality
Chairil Anwar, Heaven	000
Chairil Anwar, At the Mosque	000
Tsujii Takashi, Woman Singing	000
The Middle East
Admiel Kosman, Something Hurts	000
Risto Ahti, The Beloved's Face	000
Peter Armstrong, Sunderland Nights	000
Mircea Cartarescu, A happy day in my life	000
Carlos Edmundo de Ory, Silence	000
Herbert Gassner, Fear	000
Primo Levi, Samson	000
Primo Levi, Delilah	000
Harry Martinson, Santa Claus	000
Semezdin Mehmedinovic, An Essay	000
Peter Reading, Fates of Men	000
Mihai Ursachi, A Monologue	000
Al-Munsif al-Wahaybi, The Desert	000
Oswald Mbuyiseni Mtshali, A Voice from the Dead	000
South America
Juan Carlos Galeano, Tree	000
Central America and the Caribbean
Jorge Esquinca, Fable of the Hunter	000
Evan Jones, Genesis	000
Dennis Scott, Uncle Time	000
North America
Michael Blumenthal, The Forces	000
Stephen Dobyns, Why Fool Around?	000
Stephen Dunn, Odysseus's Secret	000
Fred Moramarco, Clark Kent, Naked	000
Marco Morelli, A Volunteer's Fairy Tale	000
Howard White, The Men There Were Then	000
Oceania, Australia, and New Zealand
Peter Skrzynecki, Buddha, Birdbath, Hanging Plant	000
Politics, War, Revolution
Kriapur, Men on Fire	000
Shin Kyong-Nim, Yollim Kut Song	000
U Sam Oeur, The Loss of My Twins	000
Edwin Thumboo, The Exile	000
The Middle East
Mahmud Darwish, Give Birth to Me Again That I May Know	000
Mahmud Darwish, On a Canaanite Stone in the Dead Sea	000
Admiel Kosman, Games	000
Salman Masalha, On Artistic Freedom in the Nationalist Era	000
Rami Saari, The Only Democracy (in the Middle East)	000
Tawfiq Zayyad, Here We Will Stay	000
Toma Longinoviç, Glorious Ruins	000
Semezdin Mehmedinovic, The Only Dream	000
Ucha Sakhltkhutsishvili, Soldiers	000
Izet Sarajlic, Untitled	000
Aleksey Shelvakh, Veterans	000
Kofi Anyidoho, Desert Storm	000
Breyten Breytenbach, Eavesdropper	000
Frank Chipasula, Manifesto on Ars Poetica	000
Lupenga Mphande, I Was Sent For	000
Tanure Ojaide, State Executive	000
Jorge Rebelo, Poem of a Militant	000
Central America and the Caribbean
Ricardo Castillo, Ode to the Urge	000
Fabio Morabito, Master of an Expanse	000
Luis Rogelio Nogueras, A Poem	000
Sex and Sexuality
Rofel G. Brion, Love Song	000
Sunil Gangopadhyay, Blindfold	000
Hung Hung, Helas!	000
George Oommen, A Private Sorrow	000
Vikram Seth, Unclaimed	000
Alain Bosquet, The Lovers	000
David Eggleton, Bouquet of Dead Flowers	000
Tonino Guerra, Canto Twenty-Four	000
Zbigniew Herbert, Rosy Ear	000
Michael Hulse, Concentrating	000
Alan Jenkins, Street Life	000
Brendan Kennelly, The Swimmer	000
Kemal Kurt, GYN-astics	000
Henri Michaux, Simplicity	000
Aleksandr Shatalov, Untitled	000
Jon Stallworthy, The Source	000
Péter Zilahy, Dictators	000
Bahadur Tejani, Lines for a Hindi Poet	000
South America
Ricardo Feierstein, Sex	000
North America
Orlando Ricardo Menes, Sodomy	000
Len Roberts, The Problem	000
Oceania, Australia, and New Zealand
Jonathan Fisher, Six Part Lust Story	000
Clive James, Bring me the sweat of Gabriela Sabatini	000
Luke Icarus Simon, Measuring Apollo	000
Poets and Poetry, Artists and Art
Cecil Rajendra, Prince of the Dance	000
The Middle East
Ahmad Shamlu, Poetry That Is Life	000
Bishwabimohan Shreshtha, Should I Earn My Daily Bread, / or Should I Write a Poem?	000
Evgeny Bunimovich, Excuse and Explanation	000
Theo Dorgan, The Choice	000
Jan Erik Vold, Hokusai the old master, who painted a wave like nobody ever painted a wave before him	000
Zahrad, The Woman Cleaning Lentils	000
Adam Ziemianin, Heart Attack	000
South America
Nicholás Maré, You can say that the bird as the saying goes	000
Central America and the Caribbean
Hector Avellán, Declaration of Love to Kurt Cobain	000
North America
Agha Shahid Ali, Ghazal	000
Virgil Suarez, Duende	000
Simon Thompson, All Apologies to L. Cohen	000
Brothers, Friends, Mentors, and Rivals
Nobuo Ayukawa, The Last I Heard	000
Vytautas P. Bloze, Beneath the Stars	000
Gudmundur Bödvarsson, Brother	000
Tony Curtis, The Eighth Dream	000
Snorri Hjartarson, House in Rome	000
Hédi Kaddour, Verlaine	000
Lyubomir Levchev, Front Line	000
Dennis O'Driscoll, The Lads	000
Donny O'Rourke, Algren	000
Rafael Pérez Estrada, My Uncle the Levitator	000
Rafael Pérez Estrada, The Unpublished Man	000
James Simmons, The Pleasant Joys of Brotherhood	000
Ivan Slamnig, A Sailor	000
Kit Wright, Here Come Two Very Old Men	000
Kofi Awoonor, Songs of Abuse: To Stanislaus the Renegade	000
Frank Chipasula, My Blood Brother	000
Chirikure Chirikure, This Is Where We Laid Him to Rest	000
South America
Gonzalo Rojas, The Coast	000
Central America and the Caribbean
Gaspar Aguilera Díaz, Does Anyone Know Where Roque Dalton Spent His Final Night?	000
Antonio Deltoro, Submarine	000
Francisco Hernandez, Autograph	000
North America
Charles Bukowski, 3 old men at separate tables	000
Cyril Dabydeen, Hemingway	000
Al Pittman, The Echo of the Ax	000
Alberto Ríos, A Chance Meeting of Two Men	000
Len Roberts, Men's Talk	000
Oceania, Australia, and New Zealand
Les Murray, The Mitchells	000
Work, Sports, and Games
Iftikhar Arif, The Twelfth Man	000
Moeen Faruqi, The Return	000
Alamgir Hashmi, Pro Bono Publico	000
Kashyap Bhattacharya, The Cricketer	000
John Burnside, The Men's Harbour	000
Günter Eich, The Man in the Blue Smock	000
Hédi Kaddour, The Bus Driver	000
Donny O'Rourke, Clockwork	000
António Jacinto, Letter from a Contract Worker	000
Central America and the Caribbean
Luis Miguel Aguilar, Memo, Who Loved Motorcycles	000
Evan Jones, The Lament of the Banana Man	000
North America
Robert Francis, The Base Stealer	000
Andrew Hudgins, Tools: An Ode	000
William Matthews, Cheap Seats, the Cincinnati Gardens, Professional Basketball, 1959	000
Christopher Merrill, A Boy Juggling a Soccer Ball	000
Len Roberts, I Blame It on Him	000
Aging, Illness, and Death
Duo Duo, Looking Out from Death	000
Nissim Ezekiel, Case Study	000
Huan Fu, Don't Don't	000
Kuan Kuan, Autobiography of a Sloppy Sluggard	000
Vikram Seth, Soon	000
The Middle East
Buland al-Haydari, Old Age	000
Ahmad Shamlu, Somber Song	000
Alain Bosquet, An Old Gentleman	000
Alain Bosquet, Celebrities	000
Kjell Hjern, On the Growth of Hair in Middle Age	000
Michael Longley, A Flowering	000
Henrik Nordbrandt, Old Man in Meditation	000
Central America and the Caribbean
Juan Sobalvarro, I've Seen a Dead Man	000
North America
Raymond Carver, This Morning	000
Peter Cooley, Language of Departure	000
Sky Gilbert, The Island of Lost Tears	000
Steve Kowit, Snapshot	000
Oceania, Australia, and New Zealand
Anthony Lawrence, Goanna	000
Translators	000
Credits	000
Index of Poets	000
Index of Titles	000

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