Table of contents for Miles gone by : a literary autobiography / William F. Buckley Jr.

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Chapter One
Life at Great Elm 
Where summer seemed gloriously endless 
Life at Great Elm II 
Learning about music, as a boy 
St. John's, Beaumont 
Going off to school in England, 1938 
The "Distinguished" Mr. Buckley 
Introducing my son, the speaker, 1988 
Wine in the Blood 
A legacy of learned pleasure
Wine: One Man's Happy Experiences 
The challenge of collecting affordable wines 
William Frank Buckley, 1881-1958 
A word about my father 
Aloïse Steiner Buckley, 1895-1985 
And a word about my mother 
Chapter Two 
God and Man at Yale 
A controversy revisited 
A Toast to the Class of 1950 
Remarks at a 40th reunion
Reflections on Life After Yale 
A self-interview for a 50th-reunion yearbook
Chapter Three
Army Life 
At Officers Candidate School in Fort Benning, Georgia
Chapter Four 
SAILING (and Skiing, and One Fly-By) 
We Must Sail Across the Ocean! 
The resolve that led to a passage, Miami-Bermuda-Azores-Gibraltar 
Christmastime in the Caribbean 
A folksy cruise, aboard my schooner, Cyrano 
Gulf Stream Musings 
A navigator's thoughts, preoccupations, alarums 
Meet Me at K Club 
Misadventures on a charter sail 
A Quickie, Bahamas to Charleston 
Coming upon a mystery boat at sea, in a storm 
Pleasure on Skis 
The prospect of a single run down the Vidamanette in Rougemont, Switzerland 
Alta, My Alta 
And how we learned about short skis 
Six Freshmen and an Ercoupe 
A bright undergraduate idea: buy an airplane! 
The Angel of Craig's Point 
An adventure in New Brunswick, featuring the only unpleasant person in the province 
A Sail Across the Pacific 
From Honolulu to New Guinea, an account written for Life Magazine 
An inquiry: Why, after a lifetime at sea, give it all up?
Chapter Five
Ten Friends 
On crossing paths with David Niven, Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger, Clare Boothe Luce, Tom 
Wolfe, Vladimir Horowitz, Roger Moore, Alistair Cooke, Grace Kelly, and John Kenneth 
Five Colleagues
 On working as colleagues with editors Willi Schlamm, Willmoore Kendall, Frank Meyer, James 
Burnham, and Priscilla Buckley...
And a Sixth 
...and with William A. Rusher, publisher
Chapter Six 
These are portraits--of people, primarily, but also of institutional presences in my life. One such 
is the protagonist of ten of my novels, Blackford Oakes. Another is National Review, the 
magazine I founded and edited for thirty-five years. And the third is my television program, 
Firing Line. 
Whittaker Chambers, 1901-1961 
Underneath the gloom was tenderness and, even, a kind of gaiety
Murray Kempton, 1917-1997 
A friend to anyone who was down, even Roy Cohn
Henry Regnery, 1912-1996 
Book publishing was fun
National Review, b. 1955 
The hour is late, and the printer's messenger is already waiting . . .
Blackford Oakes, b. 1975 
First of all, I needed a protagonist
William Shawn, 1907-1992 
His geniality was a matter of decorum
Firing Line, 1966-1999 
Debating with Ronald Reagan over the Panama Canal 
Chapter Seven 
The Dictionary, Ready at Hand 
An auxiliary use of the computer, wonderful
The Conflict over the Unusual Word 
Should discouraging unusual words be a national mandate?
On Writing Speedily 
If Trollope had had a word processor, would he have written five times as much? 
Chapter Eight
1001 Days on the Orient Express 
A lifetime, traveling from Peking to Moscow
Definitive Vacations 
"There is no such thing as a convenient time to go on vacation" 
A Pilgrimage to Lourdes 
Does this thing really work?
The Stupefaction of the New England Coastline 
As seen under full sail 
A Performance with the Symphony, Coming Up 
Did I really promise to do that?
The Life of the Public Speaker 
Fifty years on the lecture circuit
Going Down to the Titanic 
A nine-hour dive, but round trip 
Aboard the Sea Cloud 
Sailing, with others at the helm, to Pitcairn and Easter Islands 
Chapter Nine
My Own Secret Right-Wing Conspiracy 
My adventure in politics at the seedling level 
Running for Mayor of New York City 
Sort of 
Chapter Ten 
Querencia: On Coping with Social Tedium 
Recall that historian Harold Nicolson said uninteresting people are...interesting 
The Threatened Privacy of Private Clubs 
Are they a refuge? How defend them? 
Why Don't We Complain? 
The end of the line, without complaint 
Chapter Eleven
Thoughts on a Final Passage 

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