Table of contents for Leviticus : a book of ritual and ethics / Jacob Milgrom.

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Contents Preface Abbreviations List of Illustrations Introduction A. Can Critical Scholarship Believe in the Mosaic Origins of the Torah? B. The Structure of Leviticus C. The Priestly Theology of Chapters 1-16: A Survey LEVITICUS 1-7: THE SACRIFICIAL SYSTEM 1: THE BURNT OFFERING Selected Themes A. Contrast with Pagans B. Partnership with the Laity Selected Texts 2: THE CEREAL OFFERING Selected Theme: The Poor Person's Sacrifice Selected Texts 3: THE WELL-BEING OFFERING Selected Theme: The Joyous Offering Selected Texts 4: THE PURIFICATION OFFERING Selected Themes A. The Priestly Picture of Dorian Gray B. The Paradox of the Red Cow Excursus: Numbers 19 C. Genital Discharges Selected Texts 5: OFFERINGS, SACRILEGE, REPENTANCE 5:1-13: The Graduated Purification Offering Selected Themes A. The Protean Verb 'a_am B. The Delay to Purify Oneself Selected Texts 5:14-26 (Eng. 5:14-6:7): The Reparation Offering 5:14-16: Sacrilege Selected Theme: Sacrilege against Sanctums Selected Texts 5:17-19: The Suspected Desecration of Sanctums Selected Theme: Unwitting Violations Selected Texts 5:20-26 (Eng. 6:1-7): Sacrilege against Oaths; Repentance Selected Themes A. The Paradox and Its Corollary B. The Priestly Doctrine of Repentance Selected Texts LEVITICUS 6-7: THE PRIESTLY SACRIFICIAL DUTIES Selected Themes A. Sanctum Contagion B. Karet, Excision, and Deprival of Afterlife Selected Texts LEVITICUS 8-10: THE INAUGURATION OF THE TABERNACLE SERVICE 8: THE CONSECRATION OF THE PRIESTS Selected Themes A. Consecration: A Rite of Passage B. The Purpose of Anointing Selected Texts 9: THE INAUGURAL SERVICE Selected Texts Selected Theme: Hanukkah: Eight Days of Initiation 10: THE TRAGIC AFTERMATH Selected Texts Selected Theme: What Lies behind the Nadab and Abihu Incident LEVITICUS 11-16: THE IMPURITY SYSTEM 11: THE DIETARY LAWS Selected Themes A. The Dietary Laws as an Ethical System B. Blood Is Life: Part I C. The Slaughter and the Slaughterer D. On Being Holy: Part I E. Separation from Idolators F. The Four Anomalous Quadrupeds G. The Enigma of the Unnamed Fish H. The Seminal Distinction Between _eqes [dot under final s] and tame' [dot under initial t] Selected Texts 12: CHILDBIRTH Selected Theme: Vaginal Blood Selected Texts 13: SCALE DISEASE Selected Theme: The Symbolism of Scale Disease: Part I Selected Texts 14: PURIFICATION AFTER SCALE DISEASE Selected Theme: The Symbolism of Scale Disease: Part II Selected Texts 15: GENITAL DISCHARGE Selected Themes A. The Menstruant B. The Priestly Laws of Sanctum Contamination C. The Table of Purification Procedures and Effects Selected Texts 16: THE DAY OF PURGATION (YOM KIPPUR) Selected Themes A. The Public Fast B. Temple Purgation in Babylon C. Azazel and Elimination Rites in the Ancient Near East Selected Texts LEVITICUS 17-27: THE HOLINESS SOURCE (H) Selected Themes A. On Being Holy: Part II (continued from chap. 11, Theme D) B. YHWH in H: A Survey C. Rationales Are Theology 17: THE PROHIBITIONS OF SECULAR SLAUGHTER AND EATING BLOOD Selected Themes A. The Resident Alien B. Blood Is Life: Part II (continued from chap. 11, Theme B) Selected Texts 18: ILLICIT SEXUAL PRACTICES Selected Themes A. Did H Permit Intermarriage? B. The Hidden Purpose of the Sexual Prohibitions C. Does the Bible Prohibit Homosexuality? D. Molek Worship Selected Texts 19: RITUAL AND MORAL HOLINESS; ETHICS Selected Themes A. On Being Holy: Part III (continued from chaps. 17-27, Theme A) B. H and Ethics Selected Texts 20: PENALITIES FOR MOLEK WORSHIP, NECROMANCY, AND SEXUAL VIOLATIONS Selected Themes A. Molek Worship and Ancestor Worship B. On Being Holy: Part IV (continued from chap. 19, Theme A) C. Ancestor Worship in the Biblical World D. Sex and Food Selected Texts 21: INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE PRIESTS Selected Theme: Blemished Priests: A Comparative Survey Selected Texts 22: INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE PRIESTS AND LAYPERSONS Selected Texts 23: THE FESTIVAL CALENDAR Selected Texts 24: TABERNACLE OIL AND BREAD; BLASPHEMY; TALION LAWS Selected Texts Selected Theme: The Structure of 24:13-23 and Its Significance 25: JUBILEE, THE PRIESTLY RESPONSE TO ECONOMIC INJUSTICE Introduction Selected Themes A. Destitution and Redemption B. Slavery C. The Sabbatical and Jubilee: Their Observance D. The Sabbatical and Jubilee: Can They Be Consecutive? E. Jubilee: A Rallying Cry for Today's Oppressed Selected Texts 26: BLESSINGS, CURSES, AND THE RECALL OF THE COVENANT Selected Texts 27: CONSECRATIONS AND THEIR REDEMPTION Introduction Selected Texts GLOSSARY BIBLIOGRAPHY 

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