Table of contents for The Danube : environmental monitoring of an international river / By Libor Jansky, Masahiro Murakami, and Nevelina I. Pachova.

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List of tables and figures	viii
List of appendices	x
Acknowledgement	xi
Preface	xii
Chronology of events	xv
1	Introduction	1
	Water -- a blessing or a curse	1
	International freshwater management: Conflicts and resolution mechanisms	2
	The Gabcˇíkovo-Nagymaros Project (GNP)	4
	Environmental monitoring: A possible solution?	5
	Why and what?	6
2	Transboundary river problems	9
3	The Gabcˇíkovo-Nagymaros Project	12
	Legal setting: From the judgment of the International Court of Justice	12
	Physical characteristics	16
	Water management in the Danube River basin	16
	Physical characteristics of the middle Danube	23
	History of regulation works in the middle reaches of the Danube	25
	Physical impacts of early regulation works	26
	History of the Gabcˇíkovo-Nagymaros Project	27
	Technical description	29
	Main structures of ``Variant C'' at Cˇunovo, rkm 1851.75 (a temporary measure on the territory of Slovakia)	30
	Conflicting environmental claims	31
4	Environmental monitoring of an international river	34
	Principles of environmental monitoring	34
	Joint environmental monitoring on areas affected by the Gabcˇíkovo Part of the Gabcˇíkovo-Nagymaros Project	37
	Legal and institutional framework and objectives	37
	Historical background and results from independent monitoring of the GNP-affected areas	42
	Hydrological regime of surface water	46
	Surface water quality	49
Hydrological regime of groundwater	52
	Groundwater quality	55
	Soil monitoring	59
	Forest monitoring	64
	Biota monitoring	72
	Other monitored components	85
	Joint monitoring results	90
	Hydrological regime of surface water	90
	Surface water quality	91
	Hydrological regime of groundwater	92
	Groundwater quality	94
	Soil monitoring	94
	Forest monitoring	95
	Biota monitoring	96
	Evaluation and recommendations	97
5	Managing international waters: Concluding remarks	104
Acronyms and abbreviations	107
References	109
Glossary	123
Agreement	129
Index	&unno;

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