Table of contents for Operation Hollywood : how the Pentagon shapes and censors the movies / David L. Robb.

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Chapter 1	Censoring James Bond
	Tomorrow Never Dies
Chapter 2	'A Commercial for Us'
	Clear and Present Danger
Chapter 3	'Discrimination Against Speech Because of its
Message Is Presumed To Be Unconstitutional'
	Countermeasures; The Un-produced Movie
	The Last Detail
	Cinderella Liberty	
Chapter 4		'Revisionist History'
	Thirteen Days
	The Perfect Storm
Chapter 5		Changing History
Chapter 6	Bending Over Backwards
	Independence Day
	G.I. Jane	
Chapter 7	'The Producers Will Punch It Up In Any Manner We Dictate'
	Jurassic Park III
Chapter 8	'The Mooning of a President by a Uniformed Soldier	59-63
	Is Not Acceptable Cinematic License'
	Forrest Gump
Chapter 9		Rewriting Renaissance Man
Chapter 10	'It's All in the Negotiations': The Films of Jerry Bruckheimer
	Black Hawk Down
	Pearl Harbor
	Top Gun	
	Crimson Tide
Chapter 11	'Show Stoppers'
	Air Force One
Chapter 12	Self-Censorship Is Still Censorship
	The Tuskegee Airmen
	The Wall
	A Dangerous Life
Chapter 13	The First Amendment Doesn't Always Come First
	Hearts In Atlantis
Chapter 14	Approval Denied
	Citizen Cohn
	Fail Safe
	Mars Attacks
	Space Cowboys
	Memphis Belle
	The General's Daughter
	Sergeant Bilko
	Courage Under Fire
	Lone Star
	Broken Arrow
	The Pentagon Wars
Chapter 15	'Dishonest Propaganda'
		My Father, My Son
		Fields of Fire
Chapter 16	Sanitizing JAG
Chapter 17	'A 45-Minute Commercial for Marine Aviation'
	Pensacola: Wings of Gold
	Gardens of Stone
Chapter 18	Bending the Rules
		Silver Wings
		Executive Decision
		Family of Spies
Chapter 19	'I Want Page Six and Seven Completely Thrown Out
	Or You Don't Get to Use our Aircraft Carrier'
		The Agency
		The Sum of All Fears
		In the Company of Spies
Chapter 20	Turning Vodka into Water
	The Presidio
Chapter 21	Censorship: The Final Frontier
	Star Trek IV
Chapter 22	Almost Sunk by the Navy
	The Hunt for Red October
	No Way Out
Chapter 23	Turning Movies into Recruiting Posters
	The Right Stuff
	The Final Countdown
	Air Force One
	Flight of the Intruder
	The Hunt for Red October
	Top Gun
	Behind Enemy Lines
	Deep Impact
	In the Army Now
	Airport '77
	D-Day: The Sixth of June
	Second to None; The Un-produced Movie
	To Hell and Back
	Take Her Down
Chapter 24	'Editorial Control Over the Product'
	JAG; The Un-produced Movie
Chapter 25	Changing Stripes
Chapter 26	An Officer, But Not a Gentleman
	An Officer and a Gentleman
Chapter 27	'Writing the Scene To the Admiral's Specifications'
	Raise the Titanic
Chapter 28	Join the Navy; Be Indicted
	Final Countdown
	Clear and Present Danger
	Good Morning, Vietnam
Chapter 29	Join the Army; Be Indicted
	The General's Daughter
	McHale's Navy
Chapter 30	Clint Eastwood vs. the Pentagon
	Heartbreak Ridge
Chapter 31	'Is That Not Propaganda?'
	A Rumor of War
Chapter 32	Sanitizing The Great Santini
Chapter 33	'A Wonderful Public Relations Tool'
Chapter 34	Mooning the Pentagon
Chapter 35		Let There Not Be Light
		Maria's Lovers
Chapter 36		'The Propaganda Value of the Film'
		The Green Berets
Chapter 37		Bowing to Political Pressure
		Blood Alley
Chapter 38		Erasing Private Pedro
		Battle Cry
Chapter 39	'A Shameful Attempt to Impose Censorship on a Film'
Chapter 40		Lassie Wants You to Join the Army
Chapter 41		Babes In Arms	
		The Mickey Mouse Club
	Independence Day
	Steve Canyon
	West Point
	Men of Annapolis
Chapter 42	Babes In Gas Chambers
	Devil Pups; The Un-produced Movie
Chapter 43	The Cy Roth Story
		Air Strike
Chapter 44	'Cooperation by the United States Navy Should Evince
	A Certain Reciprocity In Making Changes in the Script'
	Hellcats of the Navy
Chapter 45	Even Good Men Do Bad Things: The Frank McCarthy Story
	Three Brave Men
Chapter 46	Covering Up the Cover Up
	The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell
Chapter 47	Religiously Incorrect
	The Proud and the Profane
Chapter 48	Torpedoed by the Navy
	Admiral Rickover; The Un-produced Movie
	Supercarrier; The Cancelled TV Show
Chapter 49	Heroes and Villains

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