Table of contents for Film noir reader 4 : the crucial films and themes / [edited by] Alain Silver and James Ursini.

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Part 1--Case Studies: "Murder Can 
Sometimes Smell Like Honeysuckle": Billy Wilder's Double Indemnity (1944) James A. Paris, Fate 
Seeks the Loser: Edgar G. Ulmer's Detour (1945) Glenn Erickson, "How You Fixed for Red Points?": 
Anecdote and the World War II Home Front in The Big Sleep (1946) Kevin Hagopian, "Lounge 
Time" Reconsidered: Spatial Discontinuity and Temporal Contingency in Out of the Past (1947)
R. Barton Palmer, The Unsuspected (1947) and the Noir Sequence: Realism, Expressionism, Style
Robert Porfirio, Gun Crazy (1950) Gary Johnson, Violently Happy: Gun Crazy (1950) Adrian 
Martin, The War of the Sexes: Men in Film Noir and D.O.A. (1950) Beverley Carter, The Big 
Night (1951): A Naturalist Bildungsroman Tony Williams, Kiss Me Deadly (1955): Composition and 
Meaning Michael E. Grost, Covert Narrative Strategies to Contain and Punish Women in The Big 
Heat (1953) and The Big Combo (1955) Grant Tracey, Touch of Evil (1958) and the End of the 
Noir Cycle Stephen B. Armstrong, Part 2--Noir Themes: Voices from the Deep: Film Noir as 
J. P. Telotte Manufacturing Heroines: Gothic Victims & Working Women In Classic Noir Films
Sheri Chinen Biesen The Noir Style Nicolas Saada The Noir-Horror of Cat People (1944) Eric 
Somer The Rise and Fall of the War Noir Daniel M. Hodges The politics of crime and the crime of 
politics. Post-war noir, the liberal consensus and the Hollywood Left Reynold Humphries Noir 
James Ursini Rancho Notorious (1952): A Noir Western in Color Robin Wood The Noir Title 
Sequence Robert Porfirio It's Deja Vous All Over Again: Double Indemnity Resonates with 
Generation X Ginny Schwartz Through the Past Darkly: Noir Remakes of the 1980s Constantine 

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