Table of contents for The Sopranos and philosophy : I kill therefore I am / edited by Richard Greene and Peter Vernezze.

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Acknowledgments									000
Introduction: A Book You Can't Refuse 						000
Prolegomenon										000
1. Bada-Being and Nothingness
AL GINI										000
Primo Piatto
History of Philosophy: Tony and the Philosophers					000
2. Tony Soprano and the Art of War: New Jersey Meets the East
STEVEN C. COMBS									000
3. The Unhappiness of Tony Soprano: An Ancient Analysis
JENNIFER BAKER									000
4. "It's All a Big Nothing": The Nihilistic Vision of The Sopranos
KEVIN L. STOEHR									000
5. The Prince and I: Some Musings on Machiavelli
DAVID HAHN									000
Secondo Piatto
Ethics: Soprano Family Values							000
6. "I Dunno About Morals, but I Do Got Rules": Tony Soprano as Ethical Manager
RONALD M. GREEN								000
7. Tony Soprano's Moral Sympathy (or Lack Thereof): The Sopranos and Subjectivist 
SHEILA LINTOTT									000
8. Staying within the Family: Tony Soprano's Ethical Obligations
Scott D. Wilson									000
9. Is Carmela Soprano a Feminist? Carmela's Care Ethics
LISA CASSIDY									000
10. Dying in Our Own Arms: Liberalism, Communitarianism, and the Construction of 
Identity on The Sopranos
H. PETER STEVES									000
Aesthetics: The Beauty of Crime							000
11. Sympathy for Soprano
NOEL CARROLL									000
12. A Moral Never-Never Land: Sympathizing with Tony
JAMES HAROLD									000
13. Know Thyself, Asshole: Tony Soprano as an Aristotelian Tragic Hero
MIKE LIPPMAN									000
Language and Knowledge: Metaphysics and Made Guys				000
14. This Thing of Ours: Language Use in The Sopranos
15. Is Tony Soprano Self-Blind?
RICHARD GREENE									000
Philosophy of Religion: The God of the Sopranos					000
16. Tony Soprano in Hell: Chase's Mob in Dante's Inferno
PETER VERNEZZE									000
17. "What Kind of God Does This . . . ?"
PETER H. HARE									000
Episode Guide										000
The Family										000
Index											000

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