Table of contents for The essentials : the experts' guide to 100 things everyone should know how to do / by Samantha Ettus and 100 experts.

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Morning Life
Dr. James Maas
Make a bed
Mohamed Sayedahl
Sit-ups and push-ups
Kathy Smith
Grete Weitz
Eat right
Joy Bauer
Make eggs
Jean Georges Vongerichten
Make coffee
Cecile Hudon
Read a newspaper
Arthur Sulzberger
Wash your hair
Frederik Fekkai
Care for your skin
Sidra Shaukat
Myriam Zouie and Eric Malka
Apply lipstick 
Bobbi Brown
Wash your hands 
Julie Gerberding
Shine your shoes 
Sal Iacano
Tie a bowtie 
Tucker Carlson
Tie a Windsor knot
Thuy Tranthi
Tie a scarf
Nicole Miller
Drive a stick-shift
Tina Gordon
Work Life
Manage your time
Dr. Stephen Covey
Julie Morgenstern
Handle a job interview
Tory Johnson
Ask for a raise
Lee Miller
Give and receive a compliment
Mary Mitchell aka "Miss Demeanor"
Donald Trump
Shake hands
Letitia Baldrige
Make conversation
Morris L. Reid
Remember names
Dr. Gary Small
Read body language
Steve Cohen aka "The Millionaire's Magician"
Larry King
Say no
Manuel Smith
Improve your vocabulary
Speed read
Howard Stephen Berg
Make an educated guess
Stanley Kaplan
Tell a story
Ira Glass
Conduct an investigation
Terry Lenzner
Deliver bad news
Dr. Bob Buckman
Beverly Engel
Speak in public
James Wagstaffe
Home Life
Balance your checkbook
Terry Savage
Save money
Suze Orman
Understand your pet
Warren Eckstein
Care for a houseplant
Jack Kramer
Prepare for a disaster
Marty Davis
Shovel snow
Mayor Anthony Masiello
Remove a stain
Linda Cobb aka "The Queen of Clean"
Do laundry
Mary Ellen Pinkham
Sew a button
Susan Khalje
Pick produce
Pete Napolitano
Buy Fish
Paint a room
Bob Vila
Hang a picture
Barbara Kavovit
Write a personal note
Lansing Crane
Make tea
Mo Siegel
Read aloud
Cory Booker
Weekend Life
Dr. Dean Ornish
Wash a car
Charles Oakley
Change a tire
Larry McReynolds
Change your oil
Ryan Newman
Mow a lawn
David Mellor
Maureen Gilmer
Swing a golf club
Summer Sanders
Hit a tennis ball
Jennifer Capriati
Give a massage
Dr. Dot 
Make a martini
Dale Degroff
Bobby Flay
Build a fire
Jim Paxon
Tell a joke
Howie Mandel
Be a gracious host
Nan Kempner
Arrange flowers
Jim McCann
Set a formal table
Peggy Post
Uncork a wine bottle
Andrew Firestone
Taste wine
Anthony Dias Blue
Use chopsticks 
Rick Federico
Make a toast
Carley Roney
The Big Life
Bikram Choudhury
Stay warm
Jim Whittaker
Have good posture
Jenifer Ringer
Have a great smile
Dr. Jonathan Levine
Susan Rabin
Ask someone out
Tim Sullivan
Barbara DeAngelis
Buy a diamond
Ron Winston
Plan a wedding
Darcy Miller
Change a diaper
Becki and Keith Dilley
Hold a baby
Dr. Bill Sears
Cathy Goodwin
House-train a puppy
Andrea Arden
Create a family tree
Decorate a Christmas tree
Bake chocolate chip cookies
Debbi Fields
Give a gift
Robyn Spizman
Wrap a present
Wanda Wen
Smile for the camera
Katie Ford
Take a picture
Daniel Carp
Learn a foreign language
Mark Harris
Plan a trip
Peter Greenberg
Pack for a trip
Anne McAlpin
Make a gracious exit

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