Table of contents for Chemistry science fair projects using french fries, gumdrops, soap, and other organic stuff / Robert Gardner and Barbara Gardner Conklin.

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Chapter 1 Compounds of Carbon
1-1 Molecular Models
1-2 Ionic and Covalent Bonds
1-3 Models of Other Organic Molecules
1-4 Alkenes and Alkynes
1-5 Isomers
Chapter 2 Polar and Nonpolar Compounds 
2-1 Polar and Non-Polar Compounds
2-2 Polarity, Alcohols, and Density
2-3 Polarity, Solubility, and Density
2-4 Polarity, Soap, and Suds
2-5 Food Coloring, Water, Milk, and Soap
2-6 Making Soap
2-7 Cis-Trans Isomers
2-8 Polymers and Diapers
2-9 Polymers and Plastics 
Chapter 3 Food: Organic Compounds 
3-1 Testing for Carbohydrates
3-2 Heating for Carbohydreates
3-3 Testing for Fatty Food
3-4 Testing for Proteins
3-5 A Catalyst for the Reaction of an Organic Compound
Chapter 4 Organic Chemistry in Your Life
4-1 Testing for Acids and Bases
4-2 A Teary Experiment
4-3 Acidic Effects on Other Items 
4-4 Partially Decomposing Sugar
4-5 Adding a Chemical Reaction to Partially Decomposed Sugar
Chapter 5 Baking: Organic Chemistry in the Kitchen
5-1 Making Popovers: Using Air and Steam as Leavening Agents
5-2 Baking Soda as a Leavening Agent 
5-3 Baking Powder as a Leavening Agent 
5-4 The Same Recipe Using Different Leavening Agents
5-5 Yeast as a Leavening Agent 
5-6 Testing Flours for Gluten Content
Chapter 6 Preserving Food and Making Them Edible!
6-1 Making Raising, a Dried Fruit
6-2 Antioxidants as Preservatives
6-3 Why not Freeze All Foods to Preserve Them?
6-4 The Effect of Salt and Sugar on Frozen Foods
6-5 Freezing Milk
6-6 Softening Cellulose
6-7 Using Acid to Soften Meat
6-8 An Enzyme at Work
6-9 Making Edible Yogurt from a Bacterial Culture
6-10 Making Cottage Cheese
Further Reading
Internet Addresses
Appendix: Science Supply Companies

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