Table of contents for Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell / Susanna Clarke.

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Part 1: Mr Norrell
1 The library at Hurtfew
2 The Old Starre Inn
3 The stones ofYork
4 The Friends of English Magic
5 Drawlight
6 "Magic is not respectable, sir."
7 An opportunity unlikely to occur again
8 A gentleman with thistle-down hair
9 Lady Pole
10 The difficulty of finding employment for a magician
11 Brest
12 The Spirit of English Magic urges Mr Norrell to the Aid
of Britannia
13 The magician of Threadneedle-street
14 Heart-break Farm
15 "How is Lady Pole?"
16 Lost-hope
17 The unaccountable appearance of twenty-five guineas
18 Sir Walter consults gentlemen in several professions
19 The Peep-O'Day-Boys
20 The unlikely milliner
21 The cards of Marseilles
22 The Knight ofWands
Part 2: Jonathan Strange
23 The Shadow House
24 Another magician
25 The education of a magician
26 Orb, crown and sceptre
27 The magician's wife
28 The Duke of Roxburghe's library
29 At the house of Jos, Estoril
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30 The book of Robert Findhelm
31 Seventeen dead Neapolitans
32 The King
33 Place the moon at my eyes
34 On the edge of the desert
35 The Nottinghamshire gentleman
36 All the mirrors of the world
37 The Cinque Dragownes
38 From the Edinburgh Review
39 The two magicians
40 "Depend upon it - there is no such place."
41 Starecross
42 Strange decides to write a book
43 The curious adventure of Mr Hyde
44 Arabella
Part 3: John Uskglass
45 Prologue to The History and Practice of English Magic
46 "The sky spoke to me..."
47 "A black lad and a blue fella - that ought to mean
48 The Engravings
49 Wildness and madness
50 The History and Practice of English Magic
51 A family by the name of Greysteel
52 The old lady of Cannaregio
53 A little dead grey mouse
54 A little box, the colour of heartache
55 "The second shall see his dearest possession in his
enemy's hand"
56 The Black Tower
57 The Black Letters
58 Henry Woodhope pays a visit
59 Leucrocuta, the Wolf of the Evening
60 Tempest and lies
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61 Tree speaks to Stone; Stone speaks to Water
62 I came to them in a cry that broke the silence of a
winter wood
63 "The first shall bury his heart in a dark wood beneath
the snow, yet still feel its
64 Two versions of Lady Pole
65 The ashes, the pearls, the counterpane and the kiss
66 Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
67 The hawthorn tree
68 "Yes."
69 Strangites and Norrellites

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