Table of contents for The everything rottweiler book / Margaret Holowinski.

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Chapter 1: Meet the Rottweiler
Rugged and ReadyùThe Versatile Rottie
A Brief History of the Rottweiler
The AKC Rottweiler Standard
Understand the Rottie Personality
The Working Dog
The Attraction and Downsides to the Rottweiler
Chapter 2: Looking for a Rottweiler
Should You Get a Rottweiler?
Kids and Dogs
Where to Look for Your Rottweiler
Where Not to Look for Your Rottweiler and Why
Health Certificates and Common Hereditary Diseases
Locating a Reputable Breeder
Chapter 3: Choosing a Rottweiler
Your Rottweiler Choices
Age to Bring a Puppy Home
Choosing a Puppy
Choosing an Adult
What Are Papers?
What's a Pedigree?
The Contract
Chapter 4: Preparing for Your New Rottweiler
Dog-Proofing Your House
Choosing a Safe Area
Your RottieÆs Crate
Where Will Your Rottie Sleep?
Inside or Outside Dog?
Necessary Dog Supplies
Not-So-Necessary Dog Supplies
Choosing a Veterinarian
Pet Health Insurance
Chapter 5: Bringing Your Rottie Home
Planning Ahead
When Not to Bring a New Dog Home
Bringing Your Rottie Home
Items in Your Take-Home Package
Trip to the Veterinarian
Your Trip Home
Meeting Other Pets
The First Few Days and Nights
Chapter 6: Housetraining
Crates and Housetraining
Establishing a Routine
Puppy Mill Dogs
What to do About Accidents
How Long Does it Take to Housetrain?
Should You Paper Train?
Relapses in Housetraining
Submissive Urination
Chapter 7: Basic Nutrition
Choosing a Dog or Puppy Food
Canned, Dry, Frozen, or Semi-Moist?
The Role of Vital Nutrients in a Dog's Diet
Free Feeding
Hypoallergenic Diets
Raw Diets
Vegetarian Diets
How and When to Feed
Poisonous Foods
Chapter 8: Basic Health Care
Spaying and Neutering
The Health Check
How to Take Your DogÆs Temperature
How to Give Your Dog Medicine
Internal Parasites
External Parasites
Chapter 9: Basic Grooming
Use a Groomer or Do It Yourself?
Grooming Supplies
Brushing and Combing
Removing Mats
Cleaning Ears
Clipping Toenails
Dental Hygiene
Anal Sacs
Removing Skunk Odor
Removing Sticky Substances
Chapter 10: Common Illnesses and Injuries
When to Visit a Vet
Skin Problems
Gastric Problems
Feet and Legs
Chapter 11: Emergencies
First-Aid Kits
Important Phone Numbers
Disaster Preparedness
How to Muzzle Your Rottie
Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation
Chapter 12: Congenital and Hereditary Diseases
Hip Dysplasia
Elbow Dysplasia and Osteochondrosis Dissecans
Entropion and Ectropion
Retinal Atrophy
Sub-Aortic Stenosis
Von WillebrandÆs Disease
Chapter 13: Choosing a Trainer
Training Your Rottie Yourself
Looking for the Right Trainer
Training Classes Available
Checklist for Finding a Trainer
Chapter 14: Basic Obedience
Simple Obedience
Training Collars
Clicker Training
Walk Nicely on Leash
Teaching Tricks
Chapter 15: Teaching Manners
Setting Rules
Watch Me
Go To Your Bed
Stay Off the Furniture
Leave It
No Chew
No Dig
Chapter 16: Socialization
Why Socializing Is Important
Places to Socialize Your Rottweiler
Puppy Classes
Socializing with People
Socializing with Other Pets
Becoming Accustomed to New Situations
Visits to the Veterinarian and Groomer
Riding in the Car
Baby in the House
Dog Park Etiquette
Moving to a New Home
Chapter 17: Behavioral Problems
Identifying the Root of the Problem
Barking and Whining
Fear of Loud Noises
Jumping Up
Mouthing and Nipping
Separation Anxiety
Chapter 18: Competitive Obedience
Novice Competition
Heeling on Leash
Figure Eight
Stand for Exam
The Recall
Off-Leash Heeling
The Long Sit
The Long Down
The Canine Good Citizen« Test
Chapter 19: Advanced Training
Therapy Dogs
Chapter 20: Schutzhund
What Is Schutzhund?
Schutzhund I
Schutzhund II
Schutzhund III
FH1 and FH2
Watch Dog Test
Schutzhund Trials
Chapter 21: Traveling with Your Rottweiler
Should You Travel with Your Rottweiler?
Your RottweilerÆs Travel Bag
Car Travel
Air Travel
Boarding Your Dog
Pet Sitters
Chapter 22: The Senior Rottweiler
How Old Is Old?
Keeping Your Old Rottie Comfortable
Loss of Senses
Should You Get Another Dog?
Saying Goodbye
Appendix A: Organizations
Appendix B: Periodicals and Books

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