Table of contents for The everything massage book / Valerie Voner.

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Chapter 1: So What Is Massage Anyway?
Understanding What Massage Is
What Does Massage Do?
The History of Massage
Massage Today
Who Will Use Massage?
Relaxation and Massage
Chapter 2: The Importance of Touch
What Is Touch?
Introducing Touch To Others and Ourselves
Touching With Compassion
Appropriate Touch
When Touch Is Inappropriate
Light Touch
Deep Pressure
Chapter 3: The Physical Structure
The Skeletal System
Makeup of the Muscles
The Nervous System
The Endocrine System
The Workings of the Heart and Blood
Lymph and the Immune System
The Respiratory System
The Digestive System
Elimination of Waste
The Integumentary System
Chapter 4: Getting Started
Preparing Yourself
When Massage Is Called For
When Massage Is Not Called For
Tools Used in Massage
Appropriate Draping 
Oils, Creams, or Powders
Chapter 5: Basic Massage Strokes
First Touch
Stroking Touch (Effleurage)
Kneading Strokes (Petrissage)
Friction Strokes
Tapping Strokes
Other Basic Strokes
Chapter 6: Applying the Strokes: Back
Consider the Body
Working the Back
The Neck and the Back of the Arms 
The Lower Body
The Halfway Point
Chapter 7: Applying the Strokes: Front
Turning Over
Feet and Legs from the Front
Massaging the Abdomen 
The Chest and the Front of the Arms
Massaging the Back from the Front
The Neck
Working the Face, Head, and Scalp
Quiet Touch
Chapter 8: Understanding and Relieving Stress
Stress is the Life Force
Dis-stress and Dis-ease
How the Mind Influences the Body
The Effects of Stress on the Body
Release Through Massage
Other Relaxation Techniques
Chapter 9: Self-Massage
Stretching and Breathing
Massaging Your Abdomen
Shoulders, Arms, and Hands
Massaging the Lower Body
Lower Back
Face, Head, and Neck
Close With Chakras
Chapter 10: Sports Massage
The Concept of Sports Massage
The Effects of Sports Massage
Techniques for Sports Massage
When to Massage Athletes
Routines for Sports Massage
Understanding Sports Injury
Chapter 11: Chair Massage
Evolution of Chair Massage
In the Office or on the Road
Advantages of Chair Massage
Techniques for Seated Massage
A Chair Massage Routine
Chapter 12: Sensual Massage
Massage and Intimacy
The Benefits of Sensual Relaxation
Listen to Your Partner
Setting the Stage 
Techniques for Sensual Massage
Create Your Own Routine
Chapter 13: Pregnancy and Massage
Why Prenatal Massage Is So Important 
Massage During Labor
Following Birth
Pregnancy Massage Essentials
A Simple Head and Neck Routine
Massaging the Body 
Chapter 14: Infant Massage
The Philosophy of Infant Massage
The Effects of Massage on Infants
Techniques for Infant Massage
A Simple Routine
Massage and the Older Child
Chapter 15: Massage and Aging
The Principles of Elder Massage
The Effects of Massage on the Elderly
Seniors Give Back
When Massage is Okay
When Massage is Not Okay
Techniques and Considerations for Elder Massage
Routine for Senior Massage
Touch and Dying
Chapter 16: Using Massage for Symptomatic Relief
Stress Related Issues
Problems With the Respiratory System
Minor Aches and Pains
Chronic Pain
Cardiovascular Problems
Using Massage for Cancer Patients
Massaging Someone with AIDS
Chapter 17: Spas for You and Me
The Evolution of the Spa Experience
What Spas Offer
The Application of Water, Hydrotherapy
Create Your Own Spa
Treatments for Your Home Spa
Spa Shopping
Chapter 18: Specialized Massage and Bodywork Techniques
The Foundations of Oriental Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine
The Japanese System
Thai Massage
Ayurvedic Tradition
Other Ancient Traditions
The Swedish Method
Deep Tissue Massage
Chapter 19: Aromatherapy and Chakras
The Uses and Benefits of Aromatherapy
The Origins of Aromatherapy
How to Use Essential Oils
Crystals and Chakras
Hot Rock Massage
Chapter 20: Finding a Professional Therapist 
All Therapists Are Not Created Equal
Choosing the Type of Treatment
Looking for the Right Place
What to Expect 
Training in Massage Therapy
Appendix A: Glossary
Appendix B: Resources
Web Sources

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