Table of contents for The everything Middle East book / Jacob M. Fellure.

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Chapter 1: What Do You Mean by ìMiddle Eastî?
Origin of the Term
Orientalism Exposed
Geographic Boundaries
Ethnic and Linguistic Groups
Common Religion
Culture and History
Social Identity
Conservative and Liberal Definitions
Boundaries for This Book
Chapter 2: The Cradle of Civilization
Components of a Civilization
The Sumerians 
The Egyptians
The Phoenicians
The Hittites
The Babylonians
The Hebrews
Chapter 3: Rise of the Empires
Components of an Empire
The Assyrians
The Chaldeans, a.k.a. Neo-Babylonians
The Medes
The Persians
The Greeks
The Romans
Chapter 4: Ancient Judaism
The Sons of Jacob and Their God
From Slavery to Wandering
Moses and the Levitical Law Code
Conquest, Kingdom, and Captivity
The Message of the Tanakh
Chapter 5: Early Christianity
First Century Judaism
The Concept of Moshiach
Yeshua and His Followers
Execution and Persecution
Growth from Jerusalem and Antioch
The Letters
The Church and Rome
Chapter 6: The Byzantine Empire
Emperor Constantineís Conversion
New Religious Freedom
Holy Hermits
Politics and Religion
Looking Inside and Out
Justinianís Creations and Conquests
Division and Decline
Chapter 7: Early Islam
Ancient Arabia
The Seventh Century
Muhammad and His Followers
Growth from Medina
Death, Division, and Domination
Conquests of the Caliphs
The Qurían and Hadith
Chapter 8: Islamic Empires and European Colonies
Umayyads in Damascus
Abbasids in Baghdad
Umayyads in Spain
Fractured Fraternities
When Turks Attack
Europe to the RescueóEveryone Loses
Expulsion of the Infidels
Chapter 9: A New Empire Is Born
The Aftermath of Defeat
Osmanís Empire
Constantinople and Cairo Fall
Sultan S¸leyman and Ottoman Expansion
Turkic Rivalries
Euro Power
Division and Decay
Chapter 10: World War and Change
Choosing Sides
Lawrence or Arabia?
Settling Dust and Changing Maps
Winds of Nationalism
Memories of Imperialism
Birth of the Nations
Chapter 11: Modern Mideast Mosaic
Urban and Eclectic
Islamic OffshootsóReformers or Heretics?
Chapter 12: Israel/PalestineóAll Eyes on Jerusalem
Aryanism, Zionism, and Exodus
Declaration of State and War
The Fix of ë56
Six Days in ë67
War of Atonement
Peace Camps and Refugee Camps
Suicides, Strikes, and Settlements
Chapter 13: EgyptóHeart of the Arab World
Remnants of Imperialism
Nationalism and Revolution
Nasserís Pan-Arabism
Sadatís Peace
Radicals Reborn
President MubarakóStayiní Alive
Chapter 14: Saudi ArabiaóCrossroads of Islam
Hashemite Protectors and the House of Sa`ud
Whatís a Wahhabi?
Godís Black Gold
Bin Ladenís Bucks
All Roads Lead to Mecca
Times They are a Changiní
Chapter 15: IraqóBritish Colony to Baíthist Beginnings
Ousting Ottomans and Housing Hashemites
Independence with Strings
Kingless Kingdom
Instability and Revolutions
Starting the Baíth
Chapter 16: IraqóThe Rise and Fall of Saddam Hussein
The Boy from Tikrit
At War with Iran
At War with the World
Suppression, Sanctions, and Suffering
Between Iraq and a Hard Place
Chapter 17: IranóThe Shiíite State
Dynasties and Divisions
America and the Shah
Seeds of Revolt
Khomeiniís Student Revolution
Ayatollahs and Politics
Winds of Change
Chapter 18: TurkeyóModern and Democratic
Young Turk Takeover
From the Ashes of Empire 
Atat¸rkís Radical Reforms 
Kemalist Clergy
Internal StruggleóEast or West?
One Nation Looking Forward 
Chapter 19: Tackling the Tough Issues
Understanding Shame/Honor Societies
Is Islam a Violent Religion? 
Islamic Revivalism and Militancy
Between Frustration and Aggression
Clashing Civilizations or Civilized Collaboration?
Chapter 20: Whereís the Peace?
Border Disputes
Ethnic Divisions and Religious Differences
Ideological Differences and Political Agendas
Historical Memory
Your Place in this World
Appendix A: Timeline: Prehistory to the Present
Appendix B: Further Reading and Resources

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