Table of contents for Exploration in the age of empire, 1750-1953 / Kevin Patrick Grant.

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1. "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"
Abolition and Exploration
	Tse tse fly
	Abdullah Susi
	Map 1: Stanley's Expedition to Find Livingstone, 1871
2. The Modern Era of Exploration and Empire
Khoi Khoi and the San
	The Seven Years War
Map 2: The Voyages of Discovery and the Spanish and Portuguese Empires, 1492-1522
	Map 3: European Overseas Empires and Trade in the 18th Century
	Map 4: The European Empires, 1760
3. The Great Game in Central Asia
East India Company
Tools for Surveying
Dalai Lama
	Map 5: Russian Expansion in Central Asia, 1801-1920
	Map 6: The Russian and British Empires in Central Asia 1840-1914
	Map 7: Moorcroft's Travels, 1819-1825
	Map 8: Tibet and Neighboring Countries in the 19th Century
4. Following the Niger and the Nile
Malaria and Quinine
The Geographical Societies
Porters and Captains
	Map 9: Mungo Park's Route to Bussa, 1805
Map 10: Journeys to Timbuktu by Laing (1826) and Caillié (1827-1828)
Map 11: Speke's Journeys in Africa, 1857-1862
	Map 12: The Expeditions of Samuel and Florence Baker, 1863-1864 and 
5.	Taming the Heart of Darkness
	Photography in Africa
	A Portable Boat
	King Leopold II of Belgium
	Map 13: Livingstone's Journeys in Africa, 1849-1873
	Map 14: Cameron's Expedition across Africa, 1873-1875
	Map 15: Stanley Expedition on the Congo, 1874-1877
	Map 16: The Map of Africa in 1870 and in 1914
6.	Pilgrimages to Mecca and the Arabian Sands
	The Bedouin
	Map 17: Palgrave's Journey, 1862-1863
Map 18: The Expeditions of Thomas (1931) and Philby (1932)
7.	Exploring the Top of the World
Sir George Everest
Altitude Sickness and Oxygen Technology
	Map 19: The Himalayas
	Map 20: The Northern Route up Everest, 1921-1933
	Map 21: The Approach to Everest through Nepal
	Map 22: The Route of the 1953 Ascent
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