Table of contents for Modern science, 1896-1945 / Ray Spangenburg and Diane K. Moser.

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Preface											ix
Acknowledgments									xv
Introduction										xvi
Part One: THE PHYSICAL SCIENCES, 1896-1945				1
1. The New Atom: From X Rays to the Nucleus					1
The Beginning of Modern Physics						2
The New Ray									4
Uranium's Strange Gift								5
The Curies' Quest									7
Margaret Eliza Maltby and the Changing Face of Science			12
Amazing Electrons								14
Plum Pudding									16
The Crocodile from New Zealand						17
2. The New Universe, Part One: Einstein and Relativity			20
The Ether Problem								20
The Quantum Mystery								23
Einstein and the Photoelectric Effect						27
Brownian Motion									33
The Special Theory								34
The General Theory								36
3. The New Universe, Part Two: The Quantum Surprise			41
Niels Bohr's Atom								41
Pauli's Exclusion Principle							45
Particle and Wave									46
Amalie Emmy Noether: Symmetry in Modern Physics				50
The Role of Uncertainty								53
4. New Observations of the Universe	55
Cosmic Rays	55
Understanding the Universe	58
Making Sense of Stars	58
Looking Inside Stars	60
Measuring the Universe	61
Classifying Stellar Spectra: Annie Jump Cannon	62
The Shape of the Home Galaxy	64
Hubble's Better Yardstick	65
A Telescope Named Hubble	67
De Sitter's Expanding Universe	68
5. The Atom Split Asunder: Science and the Bomb	70
A Walk in the Snow: Lise Meitner and Otto Frisch	70
Race Against Hitler	76
Fermi's Nuclear Reactor	77
The Path to Atom Smashing	78
The Manhattan Project	82
Hiroshima and Nagasaki	84
Aftermath	86
Part Two: THE LIFE SCIENCES, 1896-1945	88
6. The Growth of Microbiology and Biochemistry	88
A Question of Nerves	90
Buchner's Brew	92
Body Chemistry	94
A Small World	98
Paul Ehrlich and the "Magic Bullet"	101
Sulfa, the "Wonder Drug," and Penicillin	106
A Matter of Diet	110
New Focus on the Very Small: The Electron Microscope	113
7. Pursuing the Trails of Genetics and Heredity	117
Gregor Mendel	117
Mendel Rediscovered	123
Bateson and Gene Linkage	124
Morgan's Fruit Flies	125
The Paths to DNA	129
Darwin and Mendel Combined	133
8. In Search of Ancient Humans	135
The Neandertals	136
Homo Erectus	140
The Piltdown Hoax	145
African Bonanza	148
Part Three: SCIENCE AND SOCIETY, 1896-1945	156
9. Medicine and the Machine Mongers	156
A Long Legacy	157
Crum's Cure	159
A Healing Heel	160
10. A Growing Resource: Women in Science	165
The Curie Dynasty	167
Family and Science	168
Working Alone	169
Conclusion	172
Chronology	175
Glossary	185
Further Reading and Websites	190
Index	204

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