Table of contents for Grow hair fast / by Riquette Hofstein.

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Table of Contents
1 First Impressions: Hair's Intimate Connection to Our Personal Identities
2 How Hair Works : A Basic Course in Tricology
3 The Causes of Hair Loss and Other Problems: An Advanced Course in Tricology
4 How to Earn $7,000,000,000.00 a Year: The Business of Hair Loss
5 Before You Get Started: Set Yourself Up for Success
6 The Seven-Step Program: What You Can Expect
Step One: The Magic Haircut
Step Two: The Right Way to Brush Your Hair
Step Three: Stimulate the Scalp
Step Four: Slough it Off
Step Five: Control Excess Oils
Step Six: The Right Way to Shampoo
Step Seven: Strengthen the Hair Shaft
7 Shampoo Alternatives: Special Herbs for Your Unique Hair
8 Special Treatments: Crème Rinses and Conditioners
9 Styling the Hair: Natural Formulas to Replace Styling Gels and Mousses
10 Natural Hair Colorants: How to Color Your Hair without Damaging It
11 Massage Your Scalp: Techniques that Make a Difference
12 Skincare and the Face: Healthy Hair comes with Healthy Skin
13 You are What You Eat: How Nutrition, Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs Improve the 
Health of Your Hair
14 The Importance of Exercise
15 In Conclusion
Appendix 1: Plants and Herbs
Appendix 2: Your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) 
Appendix 3: Recipes
Appendix 4: Shopping List for Seven-Step Program
Appendix 5: Daily Log
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