Table of contents for Taking on heart disease : Peggy Fleming, Brian Littrell, Mike Ditka, Walter Cronkite, Joyce Carol Oates, Eddie Griffin, Mike Wallace, Kate Jackson, Ed Bradley, Tommy Lasorda, Pat Buchanan, Victoria Gotti, Regis Philbin, and others...reveal how they triumphed over the nation's #1 killer and how you can, too / Larry King.

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Foreword by O. Wayne Isom, M.D.
Part I
Early Warning Signs and Risk Factors
Introduction by Larry King as he relates the tale of the heart attack that nearly ended his life.
Peggy Fleming
	Fast Facts: Women and Heart Disease
	Factoring In the Risks
Mike Wallace
	Living with a Pacemaker
Kate Jackson
	"It Can't Be Heart Disease...I'm a Woman!"
	Different Symptoms, but the Same Disease
Tommy Lasorda
	Heart Attack Symptoms
	Angioplasty 101
Part II
The Diagnosis
Larry's story continues, as he undergoes a quintuple bypass.
Pat Buchanan
	Blood Donations and Cell Salvage
	Four Things to Know About "The Tube"
Eddie Griffin
	"9-1-1? I think I'm having a heart attack..."
	AEDs: When Seconds Count
Brian Littrell
	Putting the Music on Hold
	When Your Child Has Heart Problems
	Investigating the Power of Prayer
Victoria Gotti
	Pregnancy and Heart Disease
	Living with a Defibrillator
Ed Bradley
Part III
Short-Term Recovery
This next segment of Larry's story includes memories of physical and spiritual recovery after surgery.
Phyllis Diller
	The Laughter Lifeline
Mike Ditka
	Promoting Heart Health from the Sidelines
	Cardiac Rehabilitation Classes
Walter Cronkite
	Five Questions to Ask Your Cardiologist
Part IV
Surviving and Thriving
In this final segment, Larry explains what it means to be a survivor of heart disease.
Joyce Carol Oates
	Living Life with Tachycardia
Mike Medavoy
	On the Trail of a Deadly Diet Drug
Regis Philbin
	A Revolutionary Test for Detecting Heart Disease
Sid Caesar
	Angiogenesis: The Body's Natural "Bypass"
Julia Carson
	Depression and Recovery

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