Table of contents for Flowers in the toilet bowl : selected poems of Choi Seungho / translated from the Korean by Won-chung Kim, James Han.

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Table of Contents
Notes from the Translators
1. A Cockroach Family
2. The Vending Machine
3. Industrial Complex
4. The Pleasures of the Secular City 1
5. The Pleasures of the Secular City 2
6. The Pleasure of the Secular City 3
7. In the Refrigerated City
8. Above the Water, Under the Water 
9. Bodies
10. The Rotting Woman
11. The Seabed of Carnal Desire
12. The Naked Body
13. The Scale
14. Horned Rats
15. The Sewer Rats
16. A Rat in the Subway
17. Buffalo Leather Bag
18. Paper Snow
19. Bulldozer Bourgeois 
20. A Bulldozer Covered with Ivy
21. Logging
22. The Toilet Bowl
23. Canned Food
24. Nobody vs. Nobody
25. A Lunatic's Solitude 
26. Sand Building
27. A Gargoyle
28. A Heavy Snow Warning
29. Gangrene
30. Fermentation 
31. The Mystery of the Body, or Love 
32. An Estuary
33. The Laundry
34. A Tree Planter
35. A Village
36. A Nail
37. An Empty Lot
38. The Scraggly Tree of My Soul
39. An Empty Mailbox
40. An Afterglow
41. A Mechanic
42. The Man's Nipple
43. Snow Man's Funeral
44. A Butterfly
45. Silkworms
46. A Worm's Words
47. The Skylark 
48. Crows
49. Flaring Eyes in Darkness
50. Potato
51. The Female Earth
52. A Snake in the Spring 
53. The Slow Walk of the Toad
54. The Death of a Snail in the Woods
55. Where Do sparrow Die?
56. A Miserable Sow
57. The Lichen
58. A Stupid-looking Heron
59. Daolie
60. The Eyes of the Shrimp
61. Cosmos Flowers
62. If the Sunflower Had Two Arms
63. The Sound of the Buddhist Temple Bell in Evening
64. The Winter Mountain
65. The Winter Reservoir
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