Table of contents for Just us girls : secrets to feeling good about yourself, inside and out / Moka, with Melissa Daly ; illustrated by Eric Heliot ; [translated by Jack Hawkes].

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Table of Contents
\par The Strange World of the Body
\par [Page numbers may change]
\par Your period\tab 10
\par . . . and what comes with it\tab 13
\par Hygiene\tab 18
\par Your Skin\tab 20
\par Your Teeth\tab 22
\par Your Hair\tab 24
\par Experimenting with makeup\tab 26
\par Look good, even when you\rquote re dressing down\tab 30
\par Your glasses\tab 32
\par Too tall, too short, too skinny, too fat\tab 34
\par Eat your spinach!\tab 36
\par Breathe deeply\tab 40
\par Get a good night\rquote s sleep\tab 44
\par Smile!\tab 45
\par ME FIRST!
\par Me, me, me\tab 48
\par The Pal\tab 49
\par The Comedian \tab 50
\par The Chatterbox\tab 51
\par The Straight-talker\tab 52
\par Miss Curious\tab 52
\par The Girl Scout\tab 53
\par The Scaredy-cat\tab 54
\par The Eccentric\tab 55
\par Never Satisfied\tab 56
\par The Dreamer\tab 57
\par I like myself, I hate myself\tab 58
\par You\rquote re bored? You\rquote re so lucky!\tab 61
\par Passion: your best friend\tab 63
\par An under-appreciated virtue\tab 64
\par . . . Dream\tab 65
\par Secret feelings\tab 66
\par All alone!\tab 68
\par You are somebody\tab 70
\par Get organized\tab 71
\par On your own\tab 72
\par People are strange\tab 76
\par Dad\tab 76
\par Mom\tab 78
\par Older brothers and sisters\tab 80
\par Younger brothers and sisters\tab 82
\par Friends \tab 83
\par Loneliness\tab 86
\par Boys!\tab 88
\par The mysteries of charm\tab 91
\par Two great ways to get to know guys\tab 92
\par What do you want to be when you grow up?\tab 96
\par You and the world\tab 98
\par You }{\i are}{ the world\tab 100

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