Table of contents for The everything golden retriever book : a complete guide to raising, training, and caring for your golden / Gerilyn J. Bielakiewicz and Paul S. Bielakiewicz.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Is a Golden the Dog for You?
Origins of the Breed
The Make-Up of the Breed
Personality Traits
Clear Rules and Boundaries
Gentle Training Methods
A Job for Your Dog
Frequent and Regular Exercise
Regular Grooming
Chapter 2: Finding the Perfect Puppy
Finding a Good Breeder
Breeder Responsibilities
Breeder Contracts
Rescue and Shelter Groups
Prospective Owner Responsibilities
Early Socialization
Early Housebreaking
Puppy Temperament Testing
Adopting an Adult Dog from a Breeder
Chapter 3: Bringing Home Your New Puppy
The First Night at Home
Housebreaking 101
Using a Crate in Training
When Momís Away, Puppies Will Play
Stopping Destructive Chewing
Socializing Golden Retriever Puppies
Food Basics
Chapter 4: Bringing Home an Adult Dog
Adopting an Adult Golden Retriever
The First Night at Home
Introducing Your Adult Dog to a Crate
Developing a Schedule
Housebreaking an Adult Dog
Bonding with Your New Dog
Feeding Basics
Social Butterfly or Social Outcast?
Chapter 5: Developing Social Skills
Socialization Is Important
The Development Stage
Nature Vs. Nurture
Socialization to People
Preventing Resource Guarding 
Taming the Chewing Instinct
Dog-to-Dog Socialization 
Getting Through the Fear Period
Chapter 6: Basic Manners 
The Right Training Class
The Clicker Training Method
Clicker Training Basics
Teaching Your Golden to Sit
Teaching Your Dog to Stay
Teaching the Down Command
Teaching Him to Come When Called
Teaching Your Golden to Leave It 
Teaching Him to Walk Without Pulling
Chapter 7: A Goldenís Life Skills
The Targeting Tool
Alone Time
Going to the Groomer
A Visit to the Veterinarian
Learning to Enjoy Touch
Walking on Slippery Floors
Mastering Stairs
Chapter 8: Fears and Phobias
Why Goldens Get Scared
Fear Interferes with Learning 
Helping Your Fearful Golden
Negotiating Scary Situations
Fear of New People
Fear of Other Dogs
Fear of Riding in the Car
Thunder Storm Phobias
Getting Professional Help
Chapter 9: Common Behavior Problems
Youíre the Leader
Correcting Bad Behavior
The Joy of Digging
Jumping for Joy
Using a Headcollar to Train
Pulling on Leash
Teaching the Leave It Command
Stealing Things
Chapter 10: Creating a Super Learner
What Is a Super Learner?
Building a Training Relationship
Be an Organized and Consistent Trainer
Creative Thinking Skills for Dogs
The Art and Science of Shaping
Shaping Project: 101 Things to Do with a Box
Putting Behavior on Cue
Chapter 11: Teaching Your Golden to Retrieve
Shaping the Retrieve
Retrieving Birds for Field Work
Teaching Tricks That Involve Retrieving
ìGo Get Your Leashî
ìGo Get the Phoneî
ìFind My Keysî
ìPull Off My Socksî
Retrieving for Competition 
Chapter 12: Choosing the Right Diet
A Quality Diet
Whatís in Dog Food?
Identifying High Quality Foods
Ingredients to Avoid
Natural Diets
Dietary Supplements
How Much Should I Feed My Golden?
Chapter 13: Visiting the Veterinarian
Searching for the Right Veterinarian
Preparing Your Golden for a Good Experience
Good Health Maintenance Basics
Spaying and Neutering
Vaccinations Schedules
Chapter 14: Common Health Problems
Hot Spots and Skin Issues
Digestive Problems
Genetic Screening
Eye Problems 
Hip Dysplasia
Elbow Dysplasia
Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis (SAS)
Chapter 15: Alternative Medicine
A Holistic View
How Can Alternative Medicine Help?
Finding a Qualified Holistic Veterinarian
Chiropractic Therapy
Bachís Flower Essences
Chapter 16: Goldens as Athletes
Keeping Fit and Staying Lean
Flyball Competition
Competition Obedience
The Sport of Agility
Tracking for Sport
Rally Obedience
Chapter 17: The Golden Retriever as Therapist
What Is A Therapy Dog ?
Getting Certified
Training a Therapy Dog
Basic Obedience Skills 
Social Skills for Therapy Work
Grooming and Appearance
The Visiting Experience
Chapter 18: Teaching Tricks 
Natural Born Performers
Elements of a Great Trick
Skills Needed For Trick Training
Kindergarten Tricks
First Grade Tricks
Junior High Level Tricks
Chapter 19: Golden Retriever Grooming Basics
Training for Grooming
Basic Grooming Equipment
Trimming Nails
Trimming Feet
Protecting Foot Pads
Cleaning Teeth
Cleaning and Trimming Ears
Brushing Basics
Giving Your Golden Retriever a Bath
Professional Grooming
Chapter 20: Goldens at Work
Beauty and Brains
Hunting Partners
Search and Rescue Goldens
Assistance Dogs
Work Dogs Work
Appendix A: Bibliography
Appendix B: Resources

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