Table of contents for American law in a global context : the basics / by George P. Fletcher and Steve Sheppard.

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Table of Contents
Part I		Common Law and Civil Law	1
Chapter One				Common Law	19
Chapter Two				Civil Law	38
Chapter Three				The Language of Law: Common and Civil	69
Chapter Four				Legal Reasoning	97
Part II	Constitutional Identity	135
Chapter Five				The Constitution as Code	140
Chapter Six				Judicial Review	169
Chapter Seven			Federalism	192
Chapter Eight				The Alternative Constitution	220
Chapter Nine				Equality Prevails	258
Chapter Ten				Freedom Fights Back	290
Chapter Eleven			The Jury	315
Chapter Twelve			Due Process Ascendant	336
Chapter Thirteen			Coordinating the States	359
Chapter Fourteen			Multiple Common Laws?	393
Part III	The Theory of the Common Law: Liberalism and its Alternatives	410
Chapter Fifteen			Feudalism	415
Chapter Sixteen			The Triumph of Equity	440
Chapter Seventeen			Contemporary Property	467
Chapter Eighteen			The Frontiers of Property	490
Chapter Nineteen			Contract as Law	514
Chapter Twenty			Contract as Justice	537
Chapter Twenty-One			Contractual Harm	554
Chapter Twenty-Two			Foundations of Tort Law	572
Chapter Twenty-Three		Economic Efficiency	587
Chapter Twenty-Four			From Contributory to Comparative Fault	614
Chapter Twenty-Five			Punitive Damages	634
Chapter Twenty-Six			Stages of a Civil Trial	653
Part IV	Criminal Law: The Adversary System and its Alternatives	683
Chapter Twenty-Seven		Where Would you Rather be Tried?	689
Chapter Twenty-Eight		The Fate of Bernhard Goetz	711
Chapter Twenty-Nine			Self-Defense: Domestic and International	736
Chapter Thirty			Summary: The Right and the Reasonable	766
Appendix One: How to Read (and Brief) a Case	794
Appendix Two:Common Law Method; or, How to Do Things With Cases	808
Appendix Three: The Interpretation of Statutes	831

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