Table of contents for The last things : Resurrection, judgment, glory / Donald G. Bloesch.

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1. Introduction
Troeltsch's Typology
Alternate Pathways
Toward a Renewed Church
2. Controversial Themes in Eschatology
The Coming of the Kingdom
The Return of Jesus Christ 
The Life Hereafter
The Invisible Communion
Humanity's Final Destiny
The Mission to Israel
3. Light Against Darkness
The Angelic Rebellion
The Victory of Jesus Christ 
The Banishment of the Evil Powers
An Excursus on Angelology
4. The Day of the Lord
Christ's Visitation to his Church
The Encounter with Christ at Death
The Advance of the Kingdom
Signs of His Coming
Appendix A: The Olivet Discourse
5. The Millennial Hope
Renewed Interest in the Millennium
Idealist-Symbolic Views
Moltmann's Millennial Explorations
Toward a New Understanding of the Millennium
6. The Resurrection of the Dead
The Resurrection of Jesus
Resurrection as Event and Process
The Crisis of Death
The Final Resurrection
7. The Interim State
The Worlds Beyond
The Nether World of Spirits
8. The Communion of Saints
Witness of Sacred Tradition
Testimony of Hymns
Mystic Communion Between Earth and Heaven
What This Communion Involves
The Saints in the Work of Redemption
9. Predestined to Glory
The Unfolding of Predestination
Universalism and Particularism
A Theology of Paradox
Openness and Mystery
Appendix B: Theology's Emancipation from Rationalism
The Current Debate
10. Israel's Salvation
The Supersessionist Controversy
The Mystery of Israel's Election and Rejection
Judaism and Christianity
Missions to the Jews?
11. The Triumph of Grace
The Last Judgment
The Meaning of Hell
The Glory of Heaven
Grace Invincible
12. The Dawning of Hope
The Ground and Goal of Hope
Self-Transcending Hope
The Certainty of Hope
Relative and Ultimate Hopes
Providence Versus Fate
Faith Versus Cynicism
Beyond Optimism and Pessimism
Faith, Hope and Love
Index of Names
Index of Subjects
Index of Scripture
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Books: Contributor
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