Table of contents for Biomaterials science : an introduction to materials in medicine / edited by Buddy D. Ratner ... [et al.].

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i	Introduction	Buddy D. Ratner	Frederick J. Schoen	Allan S. Hoffman, Jack 
E. Lemons
ii	Biomaterials History	Buddy D. Ratner		
CHAPTER 1 Properties of Materials				
1.1	Introduction (Chp 1)	Jack E. Lemons		
1.2	Bulk Properties of Materials	Francis W. Cooke		
1.3	Finite Element Analysis	Ivan Vesely	Evelyn Owen Carew	
1.4	Surface Properties of Materials	Buddy D. Ratner		
1.5	Role of Water in Biomaterials	Erwin Vogler		
CHAPTER 2 Classes of Materials Used in Medicine				
2.1	Introduction (Chp 2)	Allan S. Hoffman		
2.2	Polymers	Stuart L. Cooper	Susan A. Visser 	Robert W. 
Hergenrother, Nina M.K. Lamba
2.3	A Brief History of Silicone Biomaterials	Jim Curtis	André Colas	
2.4	Medical Fibers and Biotextiles	Steven Weinberg	Martin King	
2.5	Hydrogels	Nicholas A. Peppas		
2.6	Smart Materials	Allan S. Hoffman		
2.7	Bioresorbable and Bioerodible Materials	Sasha Abramson	Joachim Kohn	 Robert 
2.8	Natural Materials	Ioannis V. Yannas		
2.9	Metals	John B. Brunski		
2.1	Ceramics, Glasses and Glass-Ceramics	Larry L. Hench	Serena Best	
2.11	Pyrolytic Carbon for Long-Term Medical Implants	Robert B. More	Axel Haubold
	J.C. Bokros
2.12	Composites	Harold Alexander	Claudio Migliaresi 	
2.13	Non-Fouling surfaces	Buddy D. Ratner	Allan S. Hoffman	
2.14	Thin Films, Grafts and Coatings	Buddy D. Ratner	Allan S. Hoffman	
2.15	Textured and Porous Materials	John A. Jansen	Andreas von Recum 	
2.16	Biologically Functional Materials	Allan S. Hoffman	Jeff Hubbell	Pat 
CHAPTER 3 Background Concepts				
3.1	Introduction (Chp 3)	Buddy D. Ratner		
3.2	The Role of Adsorbed Proteins in Tissue Response to Biomaterials	Thomas A. 
Horbett	John Brash	
3.3	Cells and Cell Injury	Richard N. Mitchell	Frederick J. Schoen	
3.4	Tissues: The Extracellular Matrix and Cell-Biomaterial Interactions	Frederick J. 
Schoen	Richard N. Mitchell	
3.5	Mechanical Forces on Cells	Larry V. McIntyre	Suzanne G. Eskin	Andrew 
CHAPTER 4 Host Reactions to Biomaerials and Their Evaluation				
4.1	Introduction (Chp 4)	Frederick J. Schoen		
4.2	Inflammation, Wound Healing, and the Foreign Body Response	James M. Anderson	
4.3	Innate and Specific Immunity: How the Body Interacts with Foreign Materials 	Richard 
N. Mitchell		
4.4	The Complement System	Richard J. Johnson		
4.5	Systemic Toxicity and Hypersensitivity	Arne Hensten-Pettersen	Nils Jacobsen	
4.6	Blood Coagulation and Blood-Materials Interactions	Stephen R. Hanson		
4.7	Tumorigenesis and Biomaterials	Frederick J. Schoen		
4.8	Infection	Bill Costerton	Guy Cook	Mark Shirtliff, Paul Stoodley, Mark 
CHAPTER 5 Testing Biomaterials				
5.1	Introduction (Chp 5)	Buddy D. Ratner	Frederick J. Schoen	
5.2	In Vitro Assessment of Tissue Compatibility	Sharon J. Northup		
5.3	In Vivo Assessment of Tissue Compatibility	James M. Anderson	Frederick J. 
5.4	Testing of Blood-Materials Interactions	Stephen Hanson	Buddy Ratner	
5.5	Large Animal Models in Cardiac and Vascular Biomaterials Research and Testing
	Richard W. Bianco	John F. Grehan, Brian C. Grubbs, John P. Mrachek	Erik L. 
Schroeder, Clark W. Schumacher, Charles A. Svendsen, Matt Lahti
5.6	Microscopy for Biomaterials Science	Kip D. Hauch		
CHAPTER 6 Degradation of Materials in the Biological Environment				
6.1	Introduction (Chp 6)	Buddy D. Ratner		
6.2	Degradation of Materials in the Biological Environment	Arthur J. Coury	Carl R. 
McMillis Yashwant Pathak, Buddy D. Ratner, Robert L. Levy	Frederick J. Schoen, David F. 
Williams, Rachel L. Williams
6.3	Degradative Effects of the Biological Enviornment on Metals and Ceramics	David 
F. Williams	Rachel L. Williams	
6.4	Pathologic Calcification of Biomaterials	Frederick J. Schoen	Robert J. Levy	
CHAPTER 7 Application of Materials in Medicine, Biology, and Artificial Organs		
7.1	Introduction (Chp 7)	Jack E. Lemons	Frederick J. Schoen	
7.2	Nonthrombogenic Treatments and Strategies	Mike Sefton	Cythia H. Gemmell	
7.3	Cardiovascular Medical Devices	Robert F. Padera	Frederick J. Schoen	
7.4	Implantable Cardiac Assist Devices	William R. Wagner	Harvey S. Boravetz
	Bartley P. Griffith
7.5	Artificial Red Blood Cell Substitute	Thomas M.S. Chang		
7.6	Extracorporeal Artificial Organs	Paul Malchesky		
7.7	Clinical Aspects of Orthopedic Biomaterial Performance	Nadim J. Hallab 	Joshua 
J. Jacobs 	J. Lawrence Katz
7.8	Dental Implantation	A. Norman Cranin	Jack E. Lemons	Edmond A. Demirdjan
7.9	Adhesives and Sealants	Dennis C. Smith		
7.1	Ophthalmologic Applications	Miguel F. Refojo		
7.11	Intraocular Lens Implant: A Scientific Perspective	Anil S. Patel		
7.12	 Burn Dressings and Skin Substitutes	Jeffrey R. Morgan	Robert L. Sheridan, 
Ronald G. Tompkins	Martin L. Yarmush and John F. Burke
7.13	Sutures	Mark S. Roby	Jack Kennedy	
7.14	Drug Delivery Systems	Jorge Heller	Allan S. Hoffman	
7.15	Bioelectrodes	Ramakrishna Venugopalan	Ray Ideker	
7.16	Cochlear implants	Francis A. Spelman		
7.17	Biomedical Sensors and Biosensors	Paul Yager		
7.18	Diagnostics and Biomaterials	Peter S. Tarcha	Thomas E. Rohr	
7.19	Medical Applications of Silicone	André Colas	Jim Curtis	
CHAPTER 8 Tissue Engineering				
8.1	Introduction (Chp 8)	Frederick J. Schoen		
8.2	Overview of Tissue Engineering	Simon P. Hoerstrup	Joseph P. Vacanti	
8.3	Immunoisolation	Michael J. Lysaght	David Rein	
8.4	Synthetic Bioresorbable Polymer Scaffolds	Antonios G. Mikos	Lichun Lu	
CHAPTER 9 Implants and Devices - Special Concerns				
9.1	Introduction (Chp 9)	Frederick J. Schoen		
9.2	Sterilization of Implants and Devices	John B. Kowalski	Robert F. Morrissey	
9.3	Implant and Device Failure	Frederick J. Schoen	Allan S. Hoffman	
9.4	Correlations of Materials Surface Properties with Biological Responses	Buddy D. 
9.5	Implant Retrieval and Evaluation 	James M. Anderson 	Frederick Schoen
	Stanley A. Brown, Katherine Merritt
CHAPTER 10 New Products and Standards				
10.1	Introduction (Chp 10)	Jack E. Lemons		
10.2	Voluntary Consensus Standards	Stanley A Brown	Jack E. Lemons	
10.3	Development and Regulation of Medical Products Using Biomaterials	Elaine Duncan	
10.4	Ethical Issues in the Development of New Biomaterials	Subrata Saha	Pamela Saha	
10.5	Legal Aspects of Biomaterials	Jay Mayesh	Mary Scranton	
CHAPTER 11 Perspective and Possibilites in Biomaterials Science				
11.01	Perspectives and Possibilities in Biomaterials Science	Buddy D. Ratner		
Appendix I Properties of Biological Fluids		Steven M. Slack		
Appendix II Properties of Soft Materials		Christina L. Martins		
Appendix III Properties of Hard Materials		John Brunski		

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