Table of contents for Handbook of family literacy / edited by Barbara Hanna Wasik.

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Preface		xi
About the Editor	xiii
Contributing Authors	xv
I	Overview of Family Literacy: Development, Concepts,\break and Practice	1
1. Family Literacy: History, Concepts, Services	3
Barbara Hanna Wasik and Suzannah Herrmann
2.	Family Literacy in England: Theory, Practice, Research, and Policy	23
Peter Hannon and Viv Bird
II	Children and Early Childhood Education Within\break Family Literacy Programs	41
3	Earliest Literacy: From Birth to Age 3	45
Joseph Sparling
4	Emergent Literacy Skills and Family Literacy	57
Christopher J. Lonigan
5	Use of Literature in the Home and at School	83
Lesley Mandel Morrow and Jessica Temlock-Fields
6	Family Literacy as the Site for Emerging Knowledge of Written Language	101
Victoria Purcell-Gates
7	Early Childhood Intervention in Family Literacy Programs	117
Allison Sidle Fuligni and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn
8	High-Quality Classrooms: A Key Ingredient to Family Literacy Programs' Support for 
Children's Literacy	137
David K. Dickinson, Robert St.Pierre, and Julia Weyl
III	Parenting and Parent Education	155
9	Parenting Education in Family Literacy Programs	157
Douglas R. Powell
10	Relationships Among Children and Adults and Family Literacy	175
Robert C. Pianta
11	Parent and Child Together Time	193
Kim Jacobs
12	Project FLAME: A Parent Support Family Literacy Model	213
Flora V. Rodriguez-Brown
IV	Adult Education	231
13	The Process and Content of Adult Education in Family Literacy Programs	233
John P. Comings
	14	Understanding Adult Education in the Context of Family Literacy	253
Judith A. Alamprese
15	Workforce Literacy and Technology in Family Literacy Programs	271
Eunice N. Askov
V	The Home Environment and Home Services	285
16	Resources, Family Literacy, and Children Learning to Read	287
Kathleen A. Roskos and Sandra Twardosz
17	Home Literacy Experiences of Latino Families	305
Carol Scheffner Hammer and Adele W. Miccio
18	Home Visiting and Family Literacy Programs	329
Donna Bryant and Barbara Hanna Wasik
VI	Coordination and Integration Issues\break in Family Literacy	347
19	Integration of Components in Family Literacy Services	349
Meta Potts
20	Integrating Services for Family Literacy	373
Gloria L. Harbin, Suzannah Herrmann, Barbara Hanna Wasik, Dionne R. Dobbins, and 
Wendy K. Lam
VII	Diversity and Culture	399
	21	Family Literacy and Culture	401
Vivian L. Gadsden
22	An Ecocultural Perspective on Early Literacy: Avoiding the Perils of School for 
NonMainstream Children	427
Lynne Vernon-Feagans, Darlene Head-Reeves, and Kirsten Kainz
23	We Are the World: Serving Language-Minority Adults in Family\hfill\break Literacy 
Programs	449
Heide Spruck Wrigley
24	Family Literacy for ESOL Families: Challenges and Design Principles	467
John Strucker, Catherine Snow, and Barbara Alexander Pan
25	Family and Child Education (FACE): Family Literacy Services for American Indians
Sharyl Emberton
VIII	Assessment and Evaluation	501
26	Early Childhood Assessment and Family Literacy	503
Peter Johnston and Elizabeth Yanoff
27	Standardized Assessments of Children's Emergent Literacy Skills	525
Christopher J. Lonigan, Kimberly D. Keller, and Beth M. Phillips
28	Evaluating Parent Participation and Outcomes in Family Literacy Programs: Cultural 
Diversity Considerations	551
Douglas Powell, Lynn Okagaki, and Kathryn Bojczyk
29	Assessment of Adult Literacy Skills	567
Barbara Van Horn and Lori Forlizzi
30	Continuous Improvement in Family Literacy Programs	587
Robert G. St.Pierre, Anne E. Ricciuti, and Fumiyo Tao
XI	What the Future May Bring	601
31	Future Directions for Family Literacy	603
Sharon Darling
32	Family Literacy Programs: Synthesizing Across Themes, Theories, and Recommendations
Barbara Hanna Wasik
Author Index	000
Subject Index	000

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