Table of contents for Europe's last summer : who started the Great War in 1914? / by David Fromkin.

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Table of Contents
 (i) Out of the Blue8
 (ii) The Importance of the Question10
 (iii) A Summer to Remember21
 Part One
 Europe's Tensions
 1 Empires Clash26
 2 Classes Struggle30
 3 Nations Quarrel32
 4 Countries Arm38
 5 Zarathustra Prophesies52
 6 Diplomats Align57
 Part Two
 Walking Through Minefields
 7 The Eastern Question62
 8 A Challenge for the Archduke64
 9 Explosive Germany67
 Part Three
 The Drift toward War
 10 Macedonia--Out of Control81
 11 Austria-First off the Mark85
 12 France and Germany Make Their Play92
 13 Italy Grasps; the Balkans Do Too100
 14 The Slavic Tide104
 15 Europe Goes to the Brink113
 16 More Balkan Tremors117
 17 An American Tries to Stop It125
 Part Four
 18 The Last Waltz136
 19 In the Land of the Assassins142
 20 The Russian Connection156
 21 The Terrorists Strike169
 22 Europe Yawns165
 23 Disposing of the Bodies175
 24 Rounding Up the Suspects177
 Part Five
 Telling Lies
 25 Germany Signs a Blank Check183
 26 The Great Deception195
 27 Berchtold Runs Out of Time 203
 28 The Secret Is Kept205
 Part Six
 29 The Fait Is Not Accompli209
 30 Presenting an Ultimatum223
 31 Serbia More or Less Accepts237
 Part Seven
 32 Showdown in Berlin243
 33 July 26249
 34 July 27257
 35 July 28 264
 36 July 29272
 37 July 30280
 38 July 31287
 39 August 1291
 40 August 2300
 41 August 3305
 42 August 4307
 43 Shredding the Evidence310
 Part Eight
 The Mystery Solved
 44 Assembling in the Library315
 45 What Did Not Happen317
 46 The Key toWhat Happened332
 47 What Was It About?341
 48 Who Could Have Prevented It?349
 49 Who Started It?353
 50 Could It Happen Again?360
 51 Summing Up363
 52 Austria's War366
 53 Germany's War370
 Appendix I--The Austrian Note373
 Appendix II--The Serbian Reply382
 Who Was Who388 

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