Table of contents for The everything American government book : from the Constitution to present-day election, all you need to understand our democratic system / by Nick Ragone.

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Chapter 1: The Birth of a Nation
Settling the New World
The Struggle for Independence
Articles of Confederation
Drafting the Constitution
The Process of Ratification
Race to the Finish Line
Chapter 2: The Constitution
The Preamble
Article I: Legislative Branch
Article II: Executive Branch
Article III: Judicial Branch
Article IV: Relations among the States
Article V: Amendments
Article VI: National Supremacy
Chapter 3: The Bill of Rights
How the Bill Was Born
Freedom of Expression
The Right to Bear Arms
Criminal Rights Amendments
Ninth and Tenth Amendments: Protecting Rights
Other Amendments to the Constitution
Chapter 4: The House of Representatives
The Peopleís House
Take Me to Your Leader
House by Committee
Rules Rule
Cliques and Caucuses
So You Want to Be a Member?
Chapter 5: The Senate
Cooling Off the House
The Privileges of Membership
Who Runs This Place
Subject to Debate
Joining the Club
Presidential Dreaming
Chapter 6: Inside Congress
Congress Is in Session
The Congressmanís Roles
Making Decisions
Working with Others
The Role of Staff
House Versus Senate
Chapter 7: Making a Law
A Nation of Laws
Introducing Legislation
Committee Referral
Committee Consideration
Scheduling Debate
Agreement Between the House and Senate
Conference Committees
Presidential Prerogative
Chapter 8: The Presidency
A Special Office
The First American President
Evolution of the Presidency
A Day in the Life of a President
Styles of Leadership
Who Runs?
Presidential Succession
The First Lady
Chapter 9: Powers of the President
Chief Executive
Head of State
Chief Diplomat
Party Leader
Chapter 10: The Vice Presidency
The Early Years
The Modern Vice Presidency
Vice President as Successor
Selecting a Vice President
The Veepís Campaign Role
The Changes Continue
Chapter 11: Cabinet and Staff
History and Purpose of the Cabinet
Name That Cabinet Department
Why Are New Departments Created?
Those Who Serve in the Cabinet
White House Staff
Non-Governmental Advisors
Chapter 12: The Rest of Federal Bureaucracy
Basic Organization
The Bureaucracyís Role in Government
Who Are the Bureaucrats?
Getting Appointed
Controlling the Bureaucracy
Attempts at Reform
Chapter 13: The Federal Judiciary
History of the Federal Judiciary
Sources of American Law
The Power of Judicial Review
The Federal Court System
Getting into Federal Court
State Courts
Chapter 14: The Supreme Court
Through the Centuries
Appointing Justices
Making It to the Supreme Court
How the Court Selects Its Docket
Rendering a Decision
Checks on the Supreme Court
Chapter 15: The Federal Budget
Control over the Federal Budget
Office of Management and Budget
The Budget Process Today
Where Does the Money Go?
Pork Barrel Spending
Deficits and Debt
Raising Revenues
Chapter 16: Political Parties
Evolution of the Two-Party System
Republicans and Democrats Today
The Party Issues
Why a Two-Party System?
The Role of Political Parties
How the Parties Are Organized
Chapter 17: Interest Groups
What Are Interest Groups?
Historically Speaking
Types of Interest Groups
Strategies and Tactics
Regulating Lobbyists
Influences over the Foreign Policy
Chapter 18: The Media
An Emerging Influence
The Impact of the Internet
The Role of Media in Government
Influencing the Media
The Function of Media in Political Campaigns
The Media and the Presidency
Chapter 19: Presidential Primaries and Elections
The Process
Getting Organized
Debates and Straw Polls
Winning the Nomination
Nominating Conventions
General Election
The Electoral College
Chapter 20: State Government
Federal Versus State
State Constitutions
With Governor at the Helm
Gubernatorial Powers
State Legislatures
Other Statewide Positions
Reapportionment and Redistricting
Chapter 21: Local Government
County Government
City Government
New England Town Government
Special Districts
Regional Government
Local Politics
Chapter 22: Getting Involved
Every Vote Counts!
How to Vote
Contacting Elected Officials
Volunteering on a Political Campaign
Joining an Interest Group
Running for Office
Appendix A: Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution
Appendix B: Timeline of Events

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