Table of contents for What would Buffy do? : the vampire slayer as spiritual guide / Jana K. Riess.

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@FCTX2:		Introduction[[AUTHOR: Add a subtitle to intro as you do to epilogue? ]]
@FCTX:Personal Spirituality[[AUTHOR: The part titles are a little flat, unlike chapter titles. Any way to punch them up? ]]
@FCTX2:	1	Be a Hero, Even When You'd Rather Go to the Mall: The Power of Self-Sacrifice
	2	Change Makes Us Human: Embracing the River of Change
	3	Death Is Our Gift: What Death Can Teach Us About Living
	4	"The Anger Gives You Fire": Can Negative Emotions Be Constructive?
	5	The "Monster Sarcasm Rally": Humor as a Weapon in the Spiritual Path[[AUTHOR: Chap. 5 file has subtitle instead as "Humor as Power." Please reconcile. ]]
@FCTX:Companions on the Journey[[AUTHOR: Punch up the part title? ]]
@FCTX2:	6	"What Can't We Face if We're Together?": The Power of Friendship
	7	Obey Your Teacher, Except When He's Wrong: The Value of Spiritual Mentoring[[AUTHOR: Chap. 7 file has subtitle as "Spiritual Mentors on the Path to Maturity." Please reconcile. ]]
	8	The Higher Way: Choosing Forgiveness over Vengeance
@FCTX:Saving the World[[AUTHOR: Punch up the part title? ]]
@FCTX2:	9	Consequences: What Goes Around Comes Around[[AUTHOR: Your usual style is to have the catchy phrase as title and the concept as subtitle. Reverse what you have in chap. 9 for parallelism? ]]
	10	"The Monster Inside": Taming the Darkness Within Ourselves
	11	"Redemption Is Hard": Personal Deliverance in the Buffyverse
		Epilogue: "Where Do We Go from Here?"
		A Guide to Buffy's Seven Seasons
		Who's Who in Buffy[[AUTHOR: File has title and subtitle as "'I'm Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And You Are?': A Buffy Character Guide." Which shall we use? ]]
		Keeping the Faith: Interview with Eliza Dushku
		The Author

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