Table of contents for Gallery of best resumes : a collection of quality resumes by professional resume writers / by David F. Noble.

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Foreword xx
Acknowledgments xx
Introduction x
How This Book Is Organized x
 This practical "idea book" of best resumes has
 three parts: Best Resume Writing Tips; a Gallery
 of 178 resumes written by 71 professional writers;
 and an Exhibit of 30 cover letters, together with
 tips for polishing cover letters. With this book,
 you have a treasury of quality resumes and cover
 letters that you can use as superior models for
 your own resumes and cover letters.
Who This Book Is For x
 This book is for any job seeker who wants to know
 how the professionals write resumes. It's for
 active job seekers who want top-notch ideas for
 creating a first-rate resume in today's
 competitive job market. It's for all job seekers
 who must have an ahead-of-the-pack resume-from
 high school students looking for their first jobs
 to retirees wanting to stay employed. This book is
 also for career changers, those terminated by
 downsizing, and the overqualified, who must look
 in new directions and tailor their resumes in
 special ways. Because of the wealth of quality
 resume models in this book, it is for anyone who
 wants examples of top-quality resumes to create an
 outstanding resume.
What This Book Can Do for You x
 This idea book can transform your thinking about
 resumes so that you have a better sense of what
 kind of resume is best for you and will help you
 schedule more interviews.
Part 1: Best Resume Tips x
 Best Resume Tips at a Glance x
Best Resume Tips x
Best Resume Writing Strategies x
 In this section, you learn experience-tested
 resume-writing strategies, such as how to put the
 most important information about you as a worker
 near the top of your resume, how to highlight key
 information so that it is seen, and how to
 showcase your experience and skills.
Best Resume Design and Layout Tips x
 This section shows you effective design
 techniques, such as how to use white space for an
 uncluttered look; how to use choice phrases from
 reference letters as testimonials in a resume; how
 to make decisions about fonts and typefaces; how
 to handle capital letters, underlining, italic,
 and boldfacing; and how to use graphic elements
 such as bullets, horizontal lines, vertical lines,
 and shaded boxes.
Best Resume Writing Style Tips x
 To help you make your resume error-free, you learn
 in this section practical writing tips, such as
 how to use capital letters in computer terms; how
 to use hyphens in words and phrases; and how to
 use commas, semicolons, dashes, and colons
Part 2: The Gallery xx
 The Gallery at a Glance xx
How to Use the Gallery xx
Resumes on Special Paper xx
 Special Paper Information xx
Resumes Grouped by Occupational Fields
 Accounting xx
 Advertising/Promotion xx
 Communications xx
 Customer Service xx
 Design/Architecture xx
 Education/Training xx
 Engineering xxx
 Finance xxx
 Healthcare xxx
 Hospitality xxx
 Human Resources xxx
 Information Systems/Technology xxx
 Law xxx
 Law Enforcement xxx
 Management xxx
 Manufacturing xxx
 Media xxx
 Sales and Marketing xxx
Part 3: Best Cover Letter Tips xxx
 Best Cover Letter Tips at a Glance xxx
Best Cover Letter Writing Tips xxx
Myths about Cover Letters xxx
Tips for Polishing Cover Letters xxx
 A quality resume can make a great impression, but
 that impression can be ruined quickly by a poorly
 written cover letter. This section shows you how
 to eliminate common errors in cover letters. It
 amounts to a crash writing course that you won't
 find in any other resume book. After you read the
 following sections, you will be better able to
 write and polish any letters you create for your
 job search.
 Using Good Strategies for Letters xxx
 Using Pronouns Correctly xxx
 Using Verb Forms Correctly xxx
 Using Punctuation Correctly xxx
 Using Words Correctly xxx
Exhibit of Cover Letters xxx
 In this section, you learn how to evaluate 30
 sample cover letters that accompanied resumes
 featured in the Gallery. After you study this
 exhibit, you will have a better feel for designing
 your own cover letters to make them distinctive
 and effective.
Appendix: List of Contributors xxx
Occupation Index xxx
Features Index xxx

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