Table of contents for The archaeology of the colonized / Michael Given.

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1	Introduction
2	Resistance - Agency - Landscape - Narrative
3		The Archaeology of Taxation
4	The Settlement of Empire
5	Living between Lines
6	The Dominated Body
7	The Patron Saint of Tax Evaders
8	Landscapes of Resistance
9	Conclusion: Archaeologists and the Colonized
1.1	Threshing floors heaped with grain outside Nazareth, Palestine
2.1	Sieving the threshed grain in Cyprus 
2.2	Winnowing at Karavas, Cyprus 
3.1	Abandoned twentieth-century threshing floor at Mitsero
3.2	Measuring wheat on the threshing floor in Palestine 
3.3	Grain stamp from Anatolia 
3.4	Map of Cyprus with Late Bronze Age sites 
3.5	The Late Bronze Age in the Vasilikos and Maroni river valleys 
3.6	Kalavasos-Ayios Dhimitrios: north-east area
4.1	Map of western and central Anatolia in the first and second centuries AD
4.2	The boundary stone of the Apollonians 
4.3	Map of Pisidia and Pamphylia
4.4	Remains of structures at Dikenli Tarla
4.5	Rock relief from Gölcük
5.1	Map of Cyprus with Major State Forests
5.2	Map of Karterouni settlement
5.3	Masonry and plaster forest cairn at Karterouni 
5.4	Asinou settlement from the south-east 
5.5	Map of the Asinou Valley
5.6	Circular pitch kiln in the Asinou valley
6.1	Map of the Fayum Oasis and the adjacent part of the Nile Valley
6.2	Plan of Granary C65 at Karanis
6.3	Section through Granary C65 at Karanis
6.4	Prisoners carrying blocks of granite in Mauthausen concentration camp 
6.5	Map of Giza pyramid plateau 
7.1	Late thirteenth-century icon of Saint Mamas
7.2.	Northern Troodos mountains: settlements in 1565 
7.3	Northern Troodos mountains: settlements in 1881 
7.4	Threshing in Athienou, central Cyprus
7.5	Northern Troodos mountains: villages and threshing floors
7.6	Threshing floors outside Katydhata village
7.7	Modern chapel of Saint Mamas, Klirou
8.1	Loch nan Trì-Eileanan Beag
8.2	Pre-clearance settlement of Rosal in Sutherland
8.3	Long house at Rosal
8.4	Map of Scotland
8.5	Illicit whisky still on Rannoch Moor
8.6	Ardess, on the east shore of Loch Lomond
8.7	Plan of illicit whisky still at Inchfad

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