Table of contents for A well-ordered thing : Dmitrii Mendeleev and the shadow of the periodic table / Michael D. Gordin.

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Table of Contents
List of Figures 
Note to the Reader
Chapter 1: Introduction: Autocracy and Mr. Mendeleev
Liberalism in the Name of Autocracy
Making Sense of the Man
Chapter 2: Elements of the System: Building Periodicity and a Scientific Petersburg
The Education of Dmitrii Mendeleev
The Principles of Chemistry and the Periodic System
System into Law: Making Periodicity Natural
Clairvoyance: The Eka-Elements
The Vindication of Prophecy: The Eka-Discoveries
Conclusion: Gathering the Elements of the System
Chapter 3: The Ideal Gas Lawyer: Expanding Science on the Banks of the Neva
True Bedrock: The Cultural Significance of Ether
Confined Spaces: The Prosecution of the Gas Project
Clearing the Atmosphere: Strategies of Publication
The Weather Overground: Mendeleev's Meteorology
Plagued by Theory: Abandoning Gases
Chapter 4: Chasing Ghosts: Spiritualism and the Struggle for Public Knowledge
Made in America, Remade in Russia: The Transfer of Spiritualism
Spiritualism in 1875: Tenuous Cooperation
Spiritualism in 1876: A Meltdown of Method
Public Spirited: Rhetorical Strategies and Spinning the Commission
At Wit's End: Spiritualism after the Commission
Chapter 5: The Great Reaction: Everyone against the Academy of Sciences
Social Climbing: The Academy and the Physico-Chemical Society
The Ballot Booth: Voting on Mendeleev
Tempest in the Teapot: Russian Chemists
Outside the Teapot: The Great Newspaper War
Back Rooms: Why Was Mendeleev Rejected?
To Thine Own Self: The Making of a New Mendeleev
Chapter 6: The Imperial Turn: Economics, Evolution, and Empire
The Two Petersburgs: Mendeleev's Early Economics
Real Economics: Mendeleev and the Russian Economy
Theoretical Economics: The Evolution of Societies
Theoretical Politics: Governments and Populations
Measure of All the Russias: Mendeleev and the Metric Reform
Conclusion: Virtuous Circles
Chapter 7: Making Newtons: Romantic Journeys towards Genius
Out of Siberia: Romantic Biography
Russian Newton: Mendeleev the Lawgiver
Northward Bound: The Arctic Project
Full of Hot Air: Mendeleev, Aeronaut
The Limits of Romance: Mendeleev Leaves Petersburg University
Chapter 8: Disintegration: Fighting Revolutions with Faith
Chemistry under Attack: Disintegration in Fin-de-Siècle Physical Sciences
Pondering the Imponderable: The Chemical Ether
Tripartite Metaphysics: Mendeleev in the Abstract
Things Fall Apart: The Revolution of 1905
Chapter 9: The Many Mendeleevs

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