Table of contents for Exploring sustainable development : geographical perspectives / edited by Martin Purvis and Alan Grainger.

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1	Introduction:	Alan Grainger (pp 1-48)
** Introduction
** Conflicting Political Ideals
** Sustainable Development as an Ambiguous Compromise
** From Economic Growth to Sustainable Development
** Capital - A Unifying Thread in Development Theories
** Economic Theories of Sustainable Development
** Reconciling the Political and Theoretical Discourses
** Questions About Sustainable Development
** Geographical Perspectives on Sustainable Development
** Conclusion
2	Geography and Sustainable Development: Martin Purvis (pp 49-73)
** Introduction
** A Case for Geography
** Engaging with Sustainable Development
** Geography and the Pursuit of More Sustainable Development
** Looking Deeper
** Conclusion
3	The Role of Spatial Scale and Spatial Interactions in Sustainable Development: Alan Grainger (pp 74-127)
** Introduction
** Structuring Global Space
** Achieving Sustainable Development at Different Levels
** Sustainable Development in Open Economies
** Interaction Between Different Spatial Levels
** Conclusion
4	Linking the Local to the Global: Can Sustainable Development Work in Practice? John Soussan (pp 128-47)
** Introduction
** Approaches to Development
** Can Local Action Substitute for Ineffective State Institutions?
** The Political Limits of Local Action
** National Constraints on Participation in Sri Lanka
** Institutional Change and Community Forestry in Nepal
** Conclusion
5	Forecasting Urban Futures: A Systems Analytical Perspective on the Development of Sustainable Urban Regions: Gordon Mitchell (pp 148-87)
** Introduction
** Impacts of Urban Development
** The Complexity of Urban Sustainability
** A Systems Perspective: Urban Modelling and Sustainability Assessment
** Models of Sustainable and Urban Development
** The Quantifiable City Programme: Sustainable Urban Development Modelling in ** Practice
** Problems and Prospects for Urban Sustainability Modelling
** Conclusion
6	Making Cities More Sustainable: People, Plans and Participation: Rachael Unsworth (pp 188-231)
** Introduction
** Continuity and Change in Urban Problems
** Outlining Urban Sustainable Development
** Planning for Urban Sustainability
** People as Planners: Participation in the Search for Sustainable Urban Development
** Urban Challenges in the Developing World
** Communicating Good Practice
** Making the Local Universal: A Concluding Reflection
7	Business, Capital and Sustainable Economic Development: Martin Purvis (pp 232-64)
** Introduction
** Business and the Environment
** Sustainable Economic Development as Eco-Efficiency
** Too Good to be True: Are Win-Win Arguments Sustainable?
** A Space for Sustainable Development?
** Conclusion
8	Sustainable Agriculture for the Twenty-First Century: Martin Purvis and Richard Smith (pp 265-305)
** Introduction
** Modern Agriculture: Reviewing the Account
** Sustainable Farming: Different Places, Different Solutions
** Greater Resource Efficiency
** Redistributing Resources
** Conclusion: Sustainable Futures
9	Sustaining the Flow: Japanese Waterways and New Paradigms of Development: Paul Waley and Martin Purvis (pp 306-38)
** Introduction
** 21st-Century Japan: Poised for Sustainable Development?
** Past Imperfect
** The Case of River Management
** Technocentric River Planning and the Ministry of Construction
** Reassessing the Role of Rivers
** From Words to Deeds
** Problems Behind the Projects: Environmental Quality and Participation
** Conclusion: Points of Ideological Cleavage
10	Sustainable Futures for the Arctic North:	Ken Atkinson (pp 339-67)
** Introduction
** Varieties of Development
** Unsustainable Development: Past Practice and Conflict Over Renewable and Non-** Renewable Resources
** Sustainable Development in Principle
** Moves Towards More Sustainable Development: The North American Experience
** Lessons for the Russian Arctic
** International Initiatives to Promote More Sustainable Development
** Conclusion
11	Climate Change, Energy and Sustainable Development:	Martin Purvis (pp 368-408)
** Introduction
** Climate Change - A Threat to Sustainable Development?
** Adaptation to Current and Future Climate Regimes
** Mitigating Climate Change
** The Wider Context of Sustainable Development
** Scales of Change - Theory and Practice
** Conclusion
12	Sustainable Development and International Relations: Alan Grainger (pp 409-58)
** Introduction
** The World as Viewed by International Relations Theories
** Climate Change: The Predominance of an Isolated Globalist Discourse
** Discourses in Conflict at UNCED
** Modifying Existing International Institutions
** Conclusion
13	Future Perspectives: Developing Sustainable Development: Martin Purvis and Alan Grainger (pp 459-96)
** Introduction
** Reflecting on Existing Strategies
** A Necessary Critique
** Consensus and Conflict
** The Challenge of Sustainable Development
** Sustainable Development and Societal Change
** A More Pragmatic Response
** The Limitations of Current Theories
1.1	The Ecological Economics Model of the relationship between economy and environment (p 47)
1.2	The Environmental Economics Model of the relationship between economy and environment (p 48)
3.1	Alternative views of the world when moving down the spatial scale and increasing the number of spatial units (p 124)
3.2	An ecological scale (p 125)
3.3	A social science scale (p 126)
3.4	Sustainable development of open economies (p 127)
1.1: The Daly Principles (p 25)
1.2: The Constant Capital Conditions (p 27)
3.1: The Constant Capital Conditions for sustainable development (p 75)
5.1: Environmental impacts and issues generated by urbanization (p 185)
5.2: Instruments for sustainable development (p 186)
5.3: Example indicators of sustainable development proposed at European, national & city levels (p 187)
6.1: Urban population growth in selected Southern cities, c.1950-2000 (p 227)
6.2: Urban and housing indicators (p 229)
6.3: Urban sustainability and spatial scale (p 230)
6.4: Sustainable development across Europe: summary of Local Authorities' Self-Assessment of Local Agenda 21 (LASALA) results (p 231)
12.1: Summary of the Rio Declaration (p 454-58)

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