Table of contents for The Armenian massacres, 1894-1896 : U.S. media testimony / edited and with an intro. by Arman J. Kirakossian ; foreword by Bob Dole.

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Foreword by Bob Dole 00
Preface 00
Introduction 00
Unhappy Armenia
 John J. O'Shea (The Catholic World, January 1895) 000
The Armenian Trouble
 E. L. Godkin (The Nation, January 1895) 000
An Eye-Witness to the Armenian Horrors 
 (The Catholic World, May 1895) 000
Lord Salisbury and Armenia
 (The Nation, August 1895) 000
The Evil of the Turk
 (The Outlook, August 1895) 000
Turkey and the Armenian Crisis
 Theodore Peterson, B.D. (The Catholic World, August 1895)
Why We Catholics Sympathize with Armenia
Rev. R. M. Ryan (The Catholic World, November 1895) 000
The Armenian Question
 James Bryce (The Century Magazine, November 1895) 000
Rational Sympathy
 (The Nation, November 1895) 000
The Armenian Massacres
 Rev. Cyrus Hamlin, D.D. (The Outlook, December 1895) 000
Armenia, Past and Present
 Rev. Henry Hyvernat, D.D. (The Nation, December 1895) 000
The Eastern Question
 W. J. Stillman (The Nation, January 1896) 000
Aid for Armenia: An Appeal for Immediate Help
 (The Outlook, January 1896) 000
The Armenian Resolutions
 E. L. Godkin (The Nation, January 1896) 000
The Turks and the Armenians
 Elbert Francis Baldwin (The Outlook, February 1896) 000
Why the Sultan Is Responsible for the Armenian Massacres
 (The Outlook, February 1896) 000
The Massacres in Turkey from October 1, 1895, to January 1, 1896
 (The Review of Reviews, February 1896) 000
Who Is Responsible? A Question from Armenia
 (The Review of Reviews, April 1896) 000
The Sultan of Turkey by One Who Knows Him
 (The Review of Reviews, April 1896) 000
What Must Be Done in Armenia?
 (The Review of Reviews, April 1896) 000
An American Heroine in the Heart of Armenia: Dr. Grace Kimball
and Her Relief Work at Van
 Elizabeth B. Thelberg, M.D. (The Review of Reviews, April
1896) 000
Armenia's Impending Doom: Our Duty
 M. M. Mangasarian (The Forum, June 1896) 000
Turkey in Extremis
 E. L. Godkin (The Nation, September 1896) 000
The Constantinople Massacres
 D. Kalopothakes (The Nation, October 1896) 000
The Massacres At Van
 (The Review of Reviews, October 1896) 000
The Eastern Ogre; Or, St. George to the Rescue, 1878 and 1896
 W. T. Stead (The Review of Reviews, November 1896) 000
The Situation in Armenia
 Grace N. Kimball, M.D. (The Outlook, November 1896) 000
The Immediate Future of Armenia: A Suggestion
 W. K. Stride (The Forum, November 1896) 000
The Armenian Question
 Lyman Abbott (The Outlook, December 1896) 000
The Armenian Refugees
 M. H. Gulesian (The Arena, March 1897) 000
Armenia's Desolation and Woe
 (The Review of Reviews, May 1897) 000
An Interview with Sultan Abdul Hamid
 The Honorable A. W. Terrell (The Century Magazine, November
1897) 000
A Mother of Martyrs
 Chalmers Roberts (The Atlantic Monthly, January 1899) 000
Germany and the Armenians
 W. J. Stillman (The Nation, May 1899) 000
Contribution to the Armenian Question
 Carl Albert Paul Rohrbach (The Forum, May 1900) 000
Notes 000
Bibliography and References on the Armenian Question, 1890s 000
Index 000

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