Table of contents for Testosterone dreams : rejuvenation, aphrodisia, doping / John Hoberman.

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Preface. Testosterone Dreams:
Pharmacology and Our Human Future	000
1. Hormone Therapy and the New Medical Paradigm	000
Where Are the Limits?	000
Testosterone as Therapy and Myth	000
"Psychic Steroids":
Prozac as a Performance-Enhancing Drug	000
Back to the Future:
The Sex Hormone Market from Organotherapy to "Andro"	000
2. The Aphrodisiac That Failed:
Why Testosterone Did Not Become a Mass Sex Therapy	000
What They Did to Women:
The Origins of Sex Therapy	000
Sex before Kinsey:
What Doctors and Patients Did Not Know	000
Hormones and the State:
Sex and Marital Stability	000
Patriarchal Sex Therapy:
Curing "Frigidity" with Hormones	000
Reorienting Male Desire:
Curing Homosexuals with Sex Hormones	000
Aphrodisia for the Masses?
The Secret Life of Testosterone Therapy	000
3. The Mainstreaming of Testosterone	000
Celebrating Testosterone	000
Hormone Therapy and the Discovery of Sexual Deficiency	000
Preserving the Feminine Essence:
Estrogen and Menopause	000
Does the Male Menopause Exist?	000
4. "Outlaw" Biomedical Innovations:
Hormone Therapy and Beyond	000
Hormone Therapy and Cosmetic Procedures:
The New Medical Ethos	000
Offshore Entrepreneurial Medicine:
From Embryos to Cloning	000
Medical Populism and Outlaw Medicine:
Fertility Techniques and Medical Marijuana	000
Hormone Therapists and Hormone Evangelists	000
5. Hormone Therapy for Athletes:
Doping as Social Transgression	000
Doping before Steroids:
Clean Amateurs and Doped Professionals	000
6. The Sports Physician as Hormone Therapist	000
The Entrepreneurial Physician	000
Medical Ethics	000
The Doctor-Athlete Relationship
The Patient as Athlete, the Athlete as Patient	000
7. Public Responses to Doping	000
8. A War against Drugs?
The Politics of Hormone Doping in Sport	000
International Doping Control before Reform	000
Sportive Nationalism and Doping	000
International Doping Control after Reform
A War on Drugs?
Athletes and the Doping of Everyday Life	000
Athletic Doping and the Human Future	000
Epilogue. Testosterone as a Way of Life	000
Notes	000
Index	000

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