Table of contents for Give and take : the Clinton administration's public lands offensive and the transformation of the American West / edited by Paul Larmer.

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Table of Contents
Prologue: A Hectic Day
	Interior View I (Ed Marston)
Act I: The Curtain Rises
A Bold Stroke: Clinton Takes a 1.7 Million-acre Stand in Utah (Paul Larmer) 
The King has Come to Claim More Land (Rochelle Oxarango)
Clinton Learns the Art of Audacity (Charles Wilkinson)
The Mother of All Land Grabs (Paul Larmer)
A Harsh and Priceless Gift to the World (Diane Sylvain)
Act II:	 The Fallout
	Interior View II (Ed Marston)
A Daunting, Beautiful Place (Lisa Jones, Jared Farmer)
Managing the monument: The Devil is in the Details (Paul Larmer)
Utah Counties Bulldoze the BLM, Park Service (Larry Warren)
This Monument Was Just Plain Stupid (by Paul Larmer)
Beauty and the Beast: The President's New Monument Forces Southern Utah to Face its Tourism Future (Paul Larmer) 
Two Tales of a Single County
A Proud and Defiant Native (Paul Larmer)
Bills Target Antiquities Act (Emily Miller)
What's Underneath the Staircase? (Jamie Murray)
Monumental Conflict Continues (Paul Larmer)
Utah's Bumbling Obscures a Valid Complaint (Jon Margolis)
Haggling Over the Grand Staircase-Escalante (Greg Hanscom)
Monumental Deal Over Utah's Trust Lands (Michelle Nijhuis)
Greens Not Welcome in Escalante (Brent Israelsen)
Is the Grand Staircase-Escalante a Model Monument? (Paul Larmer) 
Ranchers Take Law Into Their Own Hands (Tim Sullivan)
Act III: From One to Many
	Interior View III (Bruce Babbitt)
	GoTell it On the Mountain (Stephen Stuebner) 
Babbitt Looks for Support on His Home Turf (Tim Westby) 
One Proposal Nearly Runs Aground (Ron Selden) 
The Secretary's Must-do List for Western Lands (Michelle Nijhuis) 
Bush Camp Backpedals on Toppling Monuments (Tony Davis) 
Monumental Changes (Matt Jenkins) 
Beyond the Revolution (Ed Marston)
Act IV: The Changing of the Guard
	Interior View IV (Ed Marston)
Monument Status Could Wreck Ruins (Gail Binkly) 
Energy Plan Eyes the Rockies (Michelle Nijhuis) 
No Game Plan for the Public Lands (Rebecca Clarren) 
New monuments: Planning by Numbers (Jon Margolis) 
Energy Boom's Forward Guard Stalls Out in Utah ... For Now (Adam Burke)
Bush's Energy Push Meets Unintended Consequences (Jon Margolis) 
Clinton-era Monuments Weather Court Challenge (Joshua Zaffos) 
Bush Turns BLM Into Energy Machine (Charles Levendosky)
Road Warriors Back on the Offensive (Michelle Nijhuis) 
Monument Presents A Management Morass (Mitch Tobin)
Why I Fight: The Coming Gas Explosion in the West (Tweeti Blancett)
Act V: A Final Act Yet to Be Written
	Interior View V (Ed Marston)
	Reopening the Wounds in Southern Utah (Paul Larmer)
	Change Comes Slowly to Escalante Country (Michelle Nijhuis) 
Ninety Years of the Antiquities Act (Michelle Nijhuis) 
The BLM's Conservation Kingdom (Michelle Nijhuis) 
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