Table of contents for The annotated Brothers Grimm / by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm ; edited with a preface and notes by Maria Tatar ; translations by Maria Tatar ; introduction by A.S. Byatt.

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Introductory Material 
1. The Brothers Grimm . . . One More Time? (Preface)
2. Introduction by AS Byatt
3. Reading the Grimms' Children's Stories and Household Tales: Origins and Cultural 
Effects of the Collection
Tales for Young and Old
1. The Frog King, or Iron Heinrich
2. A Fairy Tale about a Boy Who Left Home to Learn about Fear
3. The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats
4. The Twelve Brothers
5. Little Brother and Little Sister
6. Rapunzel
7. The Three Little Men in the Woods
8. Hansel and Gretel
9. The Fisherman and His Wife
10. The Brave Little Tailor
11. Cinderella
12. Mother Holle
13. The Seven Ravens
14. Little Red Riding Hood
15. The Bremen Town Musicians
16. The Devil and His Three Golden Hairs
17. The Magic Table, the Gold Donkey, and the Club in the Sack
18. The Elves
19. The Robber Bridegroom
20. Godfather Death
21. Fitcher's Bird
22. The Juniper Tree
23. The Six Swans
24. Briar Rose
25. Snow White
26. Rumpelstiltskin
27. The Golden Bird
28. The Three Feathers
29. The Golden Goose
30. Furrypelts
31. The Singing Soaring Lark
32. The Goose Girl
33. The Poor Miller's Boy and His Cat
34. The Worn-Out Dancing Shoes
35. The Star Talers
36. Snow White and Rose Red
37. The Golden Key
Tales for Adults
1. The Jew in the Brambles
2. Mother Trudy
3. The Hand with the Knife
4. How Children Played Butcher with Each Other
5. Hans Dumm
6. The Evil Mother-in-Law
7. The Children Living in a Time of Famine
8. The Rose
1. The Brothers Grimm: Biographical Essay
2. Preface to Volume I of the first edition of the Grimms' Children's Stories and 
Household Tales
3. Preface to Volume II of the First Edition of the Children's Stories and Household 
4. "On the Nature of Fairy Tales"
5. The Magic of Fairy Tales

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