Table of contents for The Nuremberg medical trial / Horst Freyhofer.

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                          The Nuremberg Medical Trial
Table of Content                                                                           Page
Introduction: Approaches to Representing the Subject                                      1 
Chapter I: The Road to Nuremberg                                                                 7
     1. The Nuremberg Medical Trial: A Symbol of Broken Trust                         7
     2. The Hippocratic Tradition and Its Modern Challenges                                9
     3. Human Experimentation Before the Outbreak of Global War                    14
     4. Collective Versus Individual Health After World War I: The Primacy      17
             of Ideology
     5. German Medicine After the Outbreak of World War II                              23
     6. German Medical Experiments During World War II                                  26
     7. The Jewish Skeleton Collection                                                                  39
     8. Medical Results of the Experiments                                                           40
Chapter II: The Trial--A Legal Analysis                                                         45
     1. The Precedent: The Major Trial Before the International Military            45
     2. The Medical Trial                                                                                       51
          A) Preparing the Trial                                                                               51
          B) Count One: Crimes Against Peace--Conspiracy                                 59
          C) Count Two: War Crimes                                                                     62
          D) Count Three: Crimes Against Humanity                                            78
          E) Count Four: Membership in Criminal Organizations                          85
          F) The Verdict and Sentences                                                                   89
     3. The Trial in Review: How Fair, How Just, How Competent?                   91
Chapter III: The Trial--An Ethical Analysis                                                 113
     1. Theoretical Background for an Overdue Debate                                       113
     2. Medical Ethics: Hippocrates and National Socialism                               127                              3. Use and Abuse of Experimental Data                                                            164
Epilogue                                                                                                            178
Notes                                                                                                                 181
Bibliography                                                                                                    197

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