Table of contents for Sexual reflexology : activating the Taoist points of love / Mantak Chia and William U. Wei.

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	Preliminary Meditations
	Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds
	Microcosmic Orbit 
	Healing Love Couple
	Special Note for Women Readers
Chapter 1
Male and Female Energy 
Yin and Yang
Chapter 2
Sexual Energy: Taoist Perspective 
	Sexuality, Energy, and Relationships	
	History of Sexual Reflexology
Chapter 3	
	Compatibility of the Penis and Vaginal Canal 
	Ring Muscles 
	Exercising the Ring Muscles
Chapter 4
Sexual Healing Positions
	Eight Sexual Healing Positions for Men
	Seven Sexual Healing Positions for Women
	Exchange of Energy as a Sexual Healing Prayer
Chapter 5
Sexual Energizing Postures
	Hand Positions
	Healing Love Couples Energize the Senses
	Use Eye Movements in Healing Love Postures
	Healing Love Postures for Universal Tao Practices
	Energizing Postures with Eight Healing Benefits	
Chapter 6	
Ejaculation and Menstrual Cycle Management
	Ejaculation Management
	Regulating Ejaculation Frequency
	Mastering the Techniques of Controlled Contact
	Ejaculatory Control Practice
	Breathing Exercise
	Buttocks Exercise
	Warming the Stove (for Men)
	Menstrual Cycle Management
Ovary Massage
Breast Massage
	Egg Exercises and Vaginal Weight Lifting
	Egg Exercise
	Chi Weight Lifting
	Physical Sexercises
	Shaking the Testicles and the Breasts
	Spiraling Hip and Tailbone (for Men and Women) 
	Secret Taoist Method of Urination (for Men and Women)
	Sun Practice (for Men and Women)
Chapter 7
Sexual Reflexology and Physical Characteristics
	Physical Features
	Facial Features
		Space between the Eyebrows
		Male Facial Features Summarized
		Female Facial Features Summarized
	Massaging the Face 
	Hands and Fingers
	Fingers of a Man
	Fingers of a Woman
	Massaging the Hands
	Female Body
Chapter 8	
	Lovemaking Energy
Chapter 9
	Breathing Sexercises
	Deep Abdominal Breathing (for Men and Women)
	Energy Breathing (for Men and Women)
	Sexercises Massage
	Testicle Massage
	Tapping the Dragon Pearls (for Men)
	Penis Power Stretching
	Hot Hands Warm-Up
	Sexual Energy and Brain
	PC Muscle and Milking Exercises
	Sexual Organs and Brain
	Chi Muscle
	PC Chi Muscle Exercise
	Power Milking
	Milking and Holding
Chapter 10
Internal Organs and the Five Elements
	Kidneys and the Water Element
	Female Kidney Energy
	Kidney Massage
	Massage the Ears
	Heart and the Fire Element
	Tongue Kung Fu
	Massage the Chest Opening the Heart
	Lungs and the Metal Element
	Massage the Lung Points
	Liver and the Wood Element
	Massage the Feet
	Spleen and the Earth Element
	Massage the Abdomen
Chapter 11
Secret Art of the Jade Chamber
	Arcane Maid's Original Nine Postures
	Mystical Thirty Postures
Chapter 12
Romancing the Moon Grotto
	Caressing the Moon Grotto
	Caressing the Jade Stalk
	Love Games
	Nine Major Love Points
	Erotic Massage
	Three Fountains
	Playing the Flute

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