Table of contents for Sugar, spice, and everything nice : the cinemas of girlhood / edited by Frances K. Gateward and Murray Pomerance.

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Acknowledgments 000                                                             
Frances Gateward and Murray Pomerance 000                                       
Girls II Women                                                                  
1. Moviegoing, "Home-leaving," and the Problematic Girl Protagonist             
of The Wizard of Oz                                                             
Ina Rae Hark 000                                                                
2. "Don't understand, my own darling": The Girl Grows Up in Shadow              
of a Doubt                                                                      
Murray Pomerance 000                                                            
3. Gidget Goes Hysterical                                                       
Allison Whitney 000                                                             
4. Girls on the Edge of the Reagan Era                                          
Chuck Kleinhans 000                                                             
5. Sorrowful Black Death Is Not a Hot Ticket                                    
bell hooks 000                                                                  
6. Clueless in the Neocolonial World Order                                      
Gayle Wald 000                                                                  
7. Girlfriends and Girl Power: Female Adolescence in Contemporary               
U.S. Cinema                                                                     
Mary Celeste Kearney 000                                                        
Cast Types                                                                      
8. Performing Gender in Boys Don't Cry                                          
Linda Dittmar 000                                                               
9. Fille Fatale: Regulating Images of Adolescent Girls, 19621996                
Kristen Hatch 000                                                               
10. Maiden Voyage: From Edwardian Girl to Millennial Woman in                   
Lori Liggett 000                                                                
11. Pretty in Pink?: John Hughes Reinscribes Daddy's Girl in Homes              
and Schools                                                                     
Ann De Vaney 000                                                                
12. Pleasures and Problems of the "Angry Girl"                                  
Kimberley Roberts 000                                                           
13. The Nerdly Girl and Her Beautiful Sister                                    
Timothy Shary 000                                                               
Beyond Innocence                                                                
14. Maternity, Murder, and Monsters: Legends of Babysitter Horror               
Miriam Forman-Brunell 000                                                       
15. Bubblegum and Heavy Metal                                                   
Frances Gateward 000                                                            
16. The Pixel Visions of Sadie Benning                                          
Christie Milliken 000                                                           
17. She's Murder: Pretty Poisons and Bad Seeds                                  
Steven Woodward 000                                                             
18. Til Death Do Us Part: Identity and Friendship in                            
Heavenly Creatures                                                              
Corinn Columpar 000                                                             
19. Too much of something is bad enough: Success and Excess in                  
Spice World                                                                     
Cynthia Fuchs 000                                                               
Index 000