Table of contents for A history of Islamic societies / Ira M. Lapidus.

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Part I. The Origins of Islamic Civilization: The Middle East from c. 600-1200
The Preaching of Islam: 1. Arabia
2. The Life of the Prophet
The Arab-Muslim Imperium, 632-945: 3. The Arab conquests and the socio-economic bases of empire
4. The Caliphate
5. Cosmopolitan Islam: the Islam of the imperial elite
6. Urban Islam: the Islam of the religious elites
7. Islamic culture and the separation of state and religion
8. The fall of the 'Abbasid empire
From Islamic Culture to Islamic Society: Iran and Iraq, 945-c. 1200: 9. The post- 'Abbasid Middle Eastern state system
10. Muslim communities and Middle Eastern societies
11. The collective ideal
12. The personal ethic
Part II. The Worldwide Diffusion of Islamic Societies from the Tenth to the Nineteenth Century
The Middle Eastern Islamic Societies: 13. Iran: the Mongol, Timurid, and Safavid empires
14. The Turkish migrations and the Ottoman empire
15. The Arab Middle East
16. Islamic North Africa and Spain to the nineteenth century
Islam in Central and Southern Asia: 17. Inner Asia from the Mongol conquests to the nineteenth century
18. The Indian subcontinent: the Delhi Sultanates and the Mughal empire
19. The formation of Islamic societies in Southeast Asia
Islam in Africa: 20. Islam in Sudanic, Savannah, and Forest West Africa
21. Islam in East Africa and the rise of European colonial empires
Part III. The Modern Transformation: Muslim Peoples in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Nationalism and Islam in the Middle East: 22. Iran: state and religion in the modern era
23. The dissolution of the Ottoman empire and the modernization of Turkey
24. Egypt: secularism and Islamic modernity
25. The Arab Middle East: Arabism, military states, and Islam
26. North Africa in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
Secularism and Islam in Central and Southern Asia: 27. The Indian subcontinent: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh
28. Islam in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines
29. Inner Asia under Russian and Chinese rule
Islam in Twentieth-Century Africa: 30. Islam in West Africa
31. Islam in East Africa
32. Muslims in Europe and America
Conclusion: secularized Islam and Islamic revival.

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