Table of contents for In the shadow of the dinosaurs : early Mesozoic tetrapods / edited by Nicholas C. Fraser, Hans-Dieter Sues.

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Part I. Phylogeny: Introduction
1. Late Triassic and Jurassic amphibians
 2. The Lepidosauromorpha
3. Late Triassic-Early Jurassic sphenodontians from China and the phylogeny of the Sphenodontia
4. Marine members of the Sphenodontia
5. Patterns of evolution in Mesozoic Crocodyliformes
6. Sister-group relationships of mammals and transformations of diagnostic mammalian characters
Part II. Faunal Assemblages: Introduction
7. A review of the British Middle Triassic tetrapod assemblages
8. Small tetrapods from the Upper Triassic of the Richmond Basin, Virginia
9. Microvertebrates from the Placerias Quarry
10. Late Triassic microvertebrates from central Europe
11. Assemblages of small tetrapods from British Late Triassic fissure deposits
12. Ornithiscian dinosaurs from the Upper Triassic of the United States
13. Early Jurassic small tetrapods from the McCoy Brook formation of Nova Scotia
14. The small tetrapods of the Lower Lufeng Formation, Yunnan, China
15. Assemblages of small tetrapods from the Early Jurassic of Britain
16. A review of the Early Jurassic tetrapods from the Glen Canyon Group of the American Southwest
17. An Early or Middle Jurassic tetrapod assemblage from the La Boca Formation, northeastern Mexico
18. Middle Jurassic microvertebrate assemblages from the British Isles
19. A new Bathonian microvertebrate locality in the English Midlands
Part III. Faunal Change: Introduction
20. The chronology and biogeography of mammalian origins
21. Biotic and climatic changes in the Carnian (Triassic) of Europe and adjacent areas
22. Late Triassic to Middle Jurassic extinctions among continental tetrapods
23. Comments on 'Late Triassic to Middle Jurassic extinctions among continental tetrapods'
24. What was the tempo and mode of evolutionary change in the Late Triassic to Middle Jurassic?
25. Field trip guide: field guide to three late Triassic tetrapod sites in Virginia and North Carolina.

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