Table of contents for Naturalizing phenomenology : issues in contemporary phenomenology and cognitive science / edited by Jean Petitot ... [et al.].

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1. Beyond the gap: an introduction to naturalizing phenomenology Jean-Michel Roy, Jean Petitot, Bernard Pachoud and Francisco J. Varela
Part I. Intentionality, Movement and Temporality: 2. Intentionality naturalized? David Woodruff Smith
3. Saving intentional phenomena: intentionality, representation, and symbol Jean-Michel Roy
4. Leibhaftigkeit and representational theories of perception Elisabeth Pecherie
5. Perceptual completion: a case study in phenomenology and cognitive science Evan Thompson, Alva Noë
and Luiz Pessoa
6. The teleological dimension of perceptual and motor intentionality Bernard Pachoud
7. Constitution by movement: Husserl in light of recent neurobiological findings Jean-Luc Petit
8. Wooden iron? Husserlian phenomenology meets cognitive science Tim van Gelder
9. The specious present: a neurophenomenology of time consciousness Francisco J. Varela
Part II. Mathematics in Phenomenology: 10. Truth and the visual field Barry Smith
11. Morphological eidetics for a penomenology of perception Jean Petitot
12. Formal structures in the phenomenology of motion Roberto Casati
13. Gödel and Husserl Dagfinn Føllesdal
14. The mathematical continuum: from intuition to logic Giuseppe Longo
Part III. The Nature and Limits of Naturalization: 15. Naturalizing phenomenology? Dretske on Qualia Ronald McIntyre
16. The immediately given as ground and background Juan-Jose
17. When transcendental genesis encounters the naturalization project Natalie Depraz
18. Sense and continuum in Husserl Jean-Michel Salanskis
19. Cognitive psychology and the transcendental theory of knowledge Maria Villela-Petit
20. The movement of the living as the originary foundation of perceptual intentionality Renaud Barbaras
21. Philosophy and cognition: historical roots Jean-Pierre Dupuy
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